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Kaz Shiomi & Kiko+'s

Gatcha Gatcha Wood Gumball

Gatcha Gatcha Wood Gumball

This old-fashioned all-wood gumball dispenser will make kids of any age (even those on their 90th birthday!) smile. Turn the silver star knob on the dispenser and out comes beech wood balls, stars, moons and other pieces. As pieces are dispensed, they can be restocked by simply screwing off the plastic bubble top, then filling and reattaching it. A decorative addition to any shelf.

One in a series of collectible objects by Kaz Shimo and her team with the Japanese studio Kiko+, founded in 2011 with a mission of creating toys that foster discovery and a great big smile. Their philiosophy is "art and play, play and children and children and the Forest." The boutique brand develops wooden toys for at children worldwide, with a sound environment and preserving forests in mind. In "ki" means wood and "ko" means "child." The "+" in the symbol is a sign of gratitude from Kaz and team to the people who have helped build Kiko+. We love a design studio that practices so much care and thoughtfulness.

Size: 5" w x 5" t
Made in Japan
Certified by European CE EN71 safety standard
Certified by ASTM International
FSC-certified beech wood from 100% sustainably managed forest resources

Not for young children who could ingest small wooden pieces.
Material: Beech wood, plastic (bubble container)
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships in 48 hours