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String Shelving System: Essentials
String & Nisse Strinning
Select a String Shelving System: Essentials
3 Small White Shelves: $115
3 Small Grey Shelves: $115
3 Small Black Ash Shelves: $135
3 Small Oak Shelves: $135
3 Small Ash Shelves: $135
3 Small Walnut Shelves: $144
3 Medium White Shelves: $127
3 Medium Grey Shelves: $127
3 Medium Black Ash Shelves: $152
3 Medium Ash Shelves: $152
3 Medium Oak Shelves: $152
3 Medium Walnut Shelves: $177
3 Large White Shelves: $127
3 Large Grey Shelves: $127
3 Large Black Ash Shelves: $152
3 Large Ash Shelves: $152
3 Large Oak Shelves: $152
3 Large Walnut Shelves: $177
3 Extra Large White Shelves: $139
3 Extra Large Grey Shelves: $139
3 Extra Large Black Ash Shelves: $173
3 Extra Large Ash Shelves: $173
3 Extra Large Oak Shelves: $173
3 Extra Large Walnut Shelves: $200
2 Small White Wall Panels: $100
2 Small Black Wall Panels: $100
2 Small Grey Wall Panels: $100
2 Medium White Wall Panels: $107
2 Medium Black Wall Panels: $107
2 Medium Grey Wall Panels: $107
2 Large White Wall Panels: $112
2 Large Black Wall Panels: $112
2 Large Grey Wall Panels: $112
2 Extra Large White Wall Panels: $115
2 Extra Large Black Wall Panels: $115
2 Extra Large Grey Wall Panels: $115
$100 - $200
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The String System embodies one of our favorite tenets at A+R: bringing attention to true design classics that have stood the test of time and are just as fresh and viable today. To wit, what you see on this page is only a start.
Introduced in 1949, the late Nisse Strinning's enduring String System is the manifestation of renowned Scandinavian sensibility, a modular system so intelligently configured that to call it customizable only hints at the possibilities. With its slim supports and aptly-scaled shelving, the overall profile is light, ordered and a complement to any interior. Easily assembled and a breeze to change out and adjust by virtue of the signature framing, which functions as supports to keep everything in place. And the range of companion units that the system can accommodate—including a work desk, cabinet options, magazine holders and folding tables—attest to the String System's much-heralded versatility. Nearly 7 decades on, Nils' masterstroke remains just as salutary now as it did then.

As the longest-running resource for this Swedish heritage brand in North America, A+R offers the entire String collection.

  • Basic Shelving Set: 29.5" h x 30.75" w x 11.75" d (75x78x30cm)
  • Small Wall Panel: 19.75" h x 8" w (50x20cm)
  • Medium Wall Panel: 19.75" h x 11.75" w (50x30cm)
  • Large Wall Panel: 29.5" h x 8" w (75x20cm)
  • Extra Large Wall Panel: 29.5" h x 11.75" w (75x30cm)
  • Small Shelf: 22.75" h x 8" w (58x20cm)
  • Medium Shelf: 22.75" h x 11.75" w (58x30cm)
  • Large Shelf: 30.75" h x 8" w (78x20cm)
  • Extra Large Shelf: 30.75" h x 11.75" w (78x30cm)
  • Basic shelving set includes: 2 wall panels (black or white), 3 shelves (walnut, oak, ash, black stained ash, grey, or white)
  • More String System parts and accessories available at
  • To build a custom String System, visit and save your custom configuration as a PDF and email your custom system to us at
  • Powder-coated metal, wood-veneered particle board
  • Branded flat-packed packaging
  • Please contact us for current availability and lead times.
  • String Shelving may incur additional delivery charges based on the size of your system.


When a Swedish publisher held a bookshelf design competition in 1949, there was no way of knowing it would result in one of the most iconic concepts of the 20th Century. Bonnier wanted to jump-start sales of its books in the postwar economy and recognized consumers would need a place to store them. Of 194 entries, Nisse Strinning, with an assist from his designer wife Kajsa, took the prize with a nimble system called String.

Based on a ladder-like, coated-wire framework, String is lightweight, versatile and redoubtably stable. Quick assembly, easy to reposition and little trouble to transport as it's mostly flatpacked also add to its enduring appeal. At its launch, String was an immediate success far and wide—especially with a newly identifiable younger generation. Within 4 years of String's launch, in 1950, the system even caught on in the hallowed halls of the new UN headquarters in New York where they were installed.

The Swedish-based company continues to produce the timeless original designs, as well as a thoughtfully expanding array of components and accessories and in an evolving array of finishes to meet modern needs. The best part? It's as relevant and elegant today as it was back when Nisse and Kajsa submitted their original contest entry.