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Filigrana Pendant Collection
Sebastian Wrong & Established & Sons
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S1 Beehive - Black Canes: $475
S1 Beehive - Red Canes: $475
S1 Beehive - White Canes: $475
S2 Cylinder - Black Canes: $625
S2 Cylinder - Red Canes: $625
S2 Cylinder - White Canes: $625
S3 Ellipse - Black Canes: $950
S3 Ellipse - Red Canes: $950
S3 Ellipse - White Canes: $950
S4 Ellipse - Black Canes: $1,500
S4 Ellipse - Red Canes: $1,500
S4 Ellipse - White Canes: $1,500
$475 - $1,500
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"It's literally eye candy," teases Sebastian Wrong about his mouth-blown Venetian-glass pendant series striped like boiled sweets. Filigrana is Italian for filigree, and in terms of glassblowing, refers to the 16th-century technique that manipulates a spot of color into a striped pattern. As a result, no two are exactly alike. The acid-etched surface diffuses light for a stunning effect. The celebrated British designer—who is also a founding member of Established & Sons— puts a modern spin on this masterful craft with unique shapes and colorations that has "an energy, a spirit, a kind of playfulness to it."

  • S1 Beehive: 5.5" h x 6.25" dia (14x16cm)
  • S2 Cylinder: 9" h x 8.75" dia (23x22cm)
  • S3 Ellipse: 10.75" h x 14.5" dia (27x37cm)
  • S4 Ellipse: 13" h x 17.75" dia (33x45cm)
  • Cable length: 78.75" (200cm)
  • Luminaire compatible with dimming devices
  • Acid-etched hand-blown glass, acrylic, powder-coated steel
  • This item normally ships within 48 hours.
  • Wiring type: Mains voltage
  • Type of insulation: Class II (2)
  • Supply voltage: 220/240V AC, 50-60Hz; 110/120V AC, 60Hz
  • Color temperature: 3000k
  • Life expectancy: 25,000 hours
  • Lumens: Max 470lm (6W) or 806lm (9W)