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Marino Footstool
Ercol & Dylan Freeth
Select a Marino
Ash Base + Fabric E: $830
Ash Base + Fabric G: $890
Ash Base + Fabric J: $965
Ash Base + Fabric K: $1,060
Ash Base + Leather: $1,180
Chestnut Stained Ash Base + Fabric E: $830
Chestnut Stained Ash Base + Fabric G: $890
Chestnut Stained Ash Base + Fabric J: $965
Chestnut Stained Ash Base + Fabric K: $1,060
Chestnut Stained Ash Base + Leather: $1,180
Black Base + Fabric E: $860
Black Base + Fabric G: $965
Black Base + Fabric J: $1,005
Black Base + Fabric K: $1,085
Black Base + Leather: $1,210
Burgundy Base + Fabric E: $860
Burgundy Base + Fabric G: $965
Burgundy Base + Fabric J: $1,005
Burgundy Base + Fabric K: $1,085
Burgundy Base + Leather: $1,210
Forest Green Base + Fabric E: $860
Forest Green Base + Fabric G: $965
Forest Green Base + Fabric J: $1,005
Forest Green Base + Fabric K: $1,085
Forest Green Base + Leather: $1,210
Indigo Base + Fabric E: $860
Indigo Base + Fabric G: $965
Indigo Base + Fabric J: $1,005
Indigo Base + Fabric K: $1,085
Indigo Base + Leather: $1,210
Oceanic Base + Fabric E: $860
Oceanic Base + Fabric G: $965
Oceanic Base + Fabric J: $1,005
Oceanic Base + Fabric K: $1,085
Oceanic Base + Leather: $1,210
Rose Base + Fabric E: $860
Rose Base + Fabric G: $965
Rose Base + Fabric J: $1,005
Rose Base + Fabric K: $1,085
Rose Base + Leather: $1,210
White Base + Fabric E: $860
White Base + Fabric G: $965
White Base + Fabric J: $1,005
White Base + Fabric K: $1,085
White Base + Leather: $1,210
$830 - $1,210
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Extend the ease of Ercol’s Marino lounge chair or sofa with a matching footstool crafted in solid ash. British designer Dylan Freeth takes his cue from conventional Windsor seating and updates its design codes in a crisp and contemporary fashion. Upholstered cushioning adds comfort while the wood base is available in a number of woodgrain finishes as well as solid colors.

  • 16.5" h x 23.5" w x 17.75" d (42x60x45cm)
  • Fabric E: Medley
  • Fabric G: Fame
  • Fabric J: Remix, Remix 2, Capture
  • Fabric K: Hallingdal 65, Steelcut Trio 3
  • Leather: Victory
  • Fabric or leather upholstery, solid ash


“I am lucky enough to remember Lucian as a very benign grandfather who gave me my first bicycle and, later, taught me the pleasure of drinking Chianti,” says Edward Tadros, current chairman and grandson of Ercol’s founder. “But he was also absolutely instrumental in creating my interest and curiosity in art and design.” He’s speaking of Lucian Ercolani, the icon of British modernism, who founded the company in 1920 after having moved to London from his native Italy. 

Best known for its midcentury Originals that are still produced today, Ercol sought to offer a contemporary version of handmade British furniture. Initially, the collection was inspired by classic Windsor styles, a nod to the heritage of Chiltern Hills near the first factory. The “old man” as he is referred to in company lore had made his first piece of furniture in 1907. From that auspicious start, Ercol continues to stand for timeless contemporary design and a continuity of craft.