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My Turn Swivel Chair
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Fabric B: $2,526
Fabric C: $2,625
Fabric D: $2,762
Fabric E: $3,292
Fabric F: $3,754
Leather A: $3,460
Leather B: $3,691
Fabric B + Return Swivel Base: $2,699
Fabric C + Return Swivel Base: $2,799
Fabric D + Return Swivel Base: $2,935
Fabric E + Return Swivel Base: $3,465
Fabric F + Return Swivel Base: $3,927
Leather A + Return Swivel Base: $3,633
Leather B + Return Swivel Base: $3,864
$2,526 - $3,927
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My Turn melds a contemporary take on a wingback chair with the molded-look DNA of the U Turn series. The high-back swivel lounge chair rotates smoothly for a complete 360 digress on its metal base (available with or without self-return mechanism.) Perfect for relaxing, the comfort is built in via an internal steel frame and injection-molded cold foam. A soft down seat makes for an inviting finishing touch. Fabric covers are velcro-attached and are removable for easy cleaning or replacement.

  • 41.25" h x 28" w x 35" d (105x71x90cm)
  • Seat height: 15.5" (39cm)
  • Available with or without return swivel base
  • Separate cover available on request
  • Fabric B: Barbat, Chanel, Optim, Touch, Awake
  • Fabric C: Acker, Danzica 01, Donnafugata Soft, Gaja Classic, Scoop, Sobral, Tundra 01, Wilde, Wilde 01
  • Fabric D: Auro, Europost 2, Katmandu, Luna 2, Maple, Nobilis, Pine
  • Fabric E: Divina 3, Divina MD, Divina Melange 2, Harald 3, Masaya, Savana
  • Fabric F: Comfort+
  • Leather A: House Leather, Prescott, Toscano
  • Leather B: Acquario, Elmosoft VIII, Elmonordic IV, Lord, Sahara
  • Fabric or leather upholstery, metal