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Morgan Sofa 210
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White Oak Legs + Fabric B: $4,830
White Oak Legs + Fabric C: $5,130
White Oak Legs + Fabric D: $5,513
White Oak Legs + Fabric E: $6,584
White Oak Legs + Fabric F: $7,508
White Oak Legs + Leather A: $7,455
White Oak Legs + Leather B: $8,211
Black Oak Legs + Fabric B: $4,830
Black Oak Legs + Fabric C: $5,130
Black Oak Legs + Fabric D: $5,513
Black Oak Legs + Fabric E: $6,584
Black Oak Legs + Fabric F: $7,508
Black Oak Legs + Leather A: $7,455
Black Oak Legs + Leather B: $8,211
Walnut Legs + Fabric B: $4,830
Walnut Legs + Fabric C: $5,130
Walnut Legs + Fabric D: $5,513
Walnut Legs + Fabric E: $6,584
Walnut Legs + Fabric F: $7,508
Walnut Legs + Leather A: $7,455
Walnut Legs + Leather B: $8,211
$4,830 - $8,211
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Morgan is a casual take on a traditional high-back sofa, exuding a relaxed mien with cut-away armrests and sumptuous down cushions. The back height provides full head and shoulder support, and extends partway around the sides to form comfortable corner nooks. Chunky natural wood legs raise the seat to a comfortable height and bring an organic feel to the look.

The sofa is built on a durable steel under-frame with bi-directional elastic webbing suspension. A precision-made wood top-frame and CNC precision-cut foam used for the arms and back allow for superior comfort and a tailored appearance. Seat cushions have a memory-foam core, wrapped in a generous amount of feather and down, and along with the down back cushions promise "sink in" coziness. And fabric covers are attached by velcro and removable for easy cleaning or replacement.

  • 32.5" h x 83.5" w x 39.75" d (83x212x100cm)
  • Seat height: 16.5" (42cm)
  • Fabric B: Barbat, Chanel, Optim, Touch, Awake
  • Fabric C: Acker, Danzica 01, Donnafugata Soft, Gaja Classic, Scoop, Sobral, Tundra 01, Wilde, Wilde 01
  • Fabric D: Auro, Europost 2, Katmandu, Luna 2, Maple, Nobilis, Pine
  • Fabric E: Divina 3, Divina MD, Divina Melange 2, Harald 3, Masaya, Savana
  • Fabric F: Comfort+
  • Leather A: House Leather, Prescott, Toscano
  • Leather B: Acquario, Elmosoft VIII, Elmonordic IV, Lord, Sahara
  • Fabric or leather upholstery, wood