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G-Table Concrete
Oskar Zieta & Zieta
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Polished Inox Steel: $16,100
Brushed Inox Steel: $14,900
Brushed Aluminum: $18,500
Glossy White Aluminum: $14,900
Glossy Black Aluminum: $14,900
Glossy Yellow Aluminum: $14,900
White Aluminum: $14,900
Graphite Aluminum: $14,900
Brown Aluminum: $14,900
Grey Beige Aluminum: $14,900
Blue Grey Aluminum: $14,900
Black Brown Aluminum: $14,900
Telegrey Aluminum: $14,900
Window Grey Aluminum: $14,900
Resenda Green Aluminum: $14,900
Yellow Olive Aluminum: $14,900
Pale Green Aluminum: $14,900
Concrete Grey Aluminum: $14,900
Stone Grey Aluminum: $14,900
Glossy White Steel: $13,700
Glossy Black Steel: $13,700
Glossy Yellow Steel: $13,700
White Steel: $13,700
Graphite Steel: $13,700
Brown Steel: $13,700
Grey Beige Steel: $13,700
Blue Grey Steel: $13,700
Black Brown Steel: $13,700
Telegrey Steel: $13,700
Window Grey Steel: $13,700
Resenda Green Steel: $13,700
Yellow Olive Steel: $13,700
Pale Green Steel: $13,700
Concrete Grey Steel: $13,700
Stone Grey Steel: $13,700
$13,700 - $18,500
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Juxtaposing a hard concrete tabletop with the softly curved metal base brings an edgy elegance to Oskar Zieta’s signature dining table. This G-Table version—its steel structure achieved with FiDU compressed-air technology—is unexpectedly light yet extremely durable and readily supports the concrete tabletop. Subtly alluding to the eternal dialogue of man and nature, the table makes a entirely original statement.

  • 29.5" h x 78.75" w x 39.5" d (75x200x100cm)
  • Steel, inox, aluminum, concrete


“To be creative yourself was most vital,” says designer Oskar Zieta of growing up in the waning days of communism in his native Poland. With no access to products from Western Europe or the U.S. and few museums or galleries to explore, he leaned hard on his imagination. All the more reason to wonder, then, at his fantastical balloon-like steel furniture. The initial Plopp Stool was a sensation, garnering the Red Dot Award and recognition from the Pompidou Centre in Paris as one of the 12 chairs to have changed modern design. Made from welded sheets of steel, Plopp was inflated using high-pressure air with an innovative process called FiDU.

In addition to lecturing, maintaining his design studio and running a production company in his hometown of Zielona Góra, he continues to explore the realm of his own imagination. "My dream project is constructions in space,” Oskar says. “FiDU's ultra-lightness and possibilities of volumetric expansion could be crucial.”