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Zieta & Oskar Zieta
Select a G-Table
HEAT Gold Base + Black Stone Top: $34,200
Copper Base + Kauri Wood Top: $29,200
Polished Inox Base + Kauri Wood Top: $25,200
Brushed Inox Base + Kauri Wood Top: $25,200
Glossy White Steel: $13,200
Glossy Black Steel: $13,200
Glossy Yellow Steel: $13,200
White Steel: $13,200
Graphite Steel: $13,200
Brown Steel: $13,200
Grey Beige Steel: $13,200
Blue Grey Steel: $13,200
Black Brown Steel: $13,200
Telegrey Steel: $13,200
Window Grey Steel: $13,200
Resenda Green Steel: $13,200
Yellow Olive Steel: $13,200
Pale Green Steel: $13,200
Concrete Grey Steel: $13,200
Stone Grey Steel: $13,200
Brushed Inox Steel: $16,560
Glossy White Aluminum: $16,560
Glossy Black Aluminum: $16,560
Glossy Yellow Aluminum: $16,560
Matte White Aluminum: $16,560
Graphite Aluminum: $16,560
Brown Aluminum: $16,560
Grey Beige Aluminum: $16,560
Blue Grey Aluminum: $16,560
Black Brown Aluminum: $16,560
Telegrey Aluminum: $16,560
Window Grey Aluminum: $16,560
Resenda Green Aluminum: $16,560
Yellow Olive Aluminum: $16,560
Pale Green Aluminum: $16,560
Concrete Grey Aluminum: $16,560
Stone Grey Aluminum: $16,560
Table Base: Glossy White Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Glossy Black Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Glossy Yellow Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Matte White Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Graphite Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Brown Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Grey Beige Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Blue Grey Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Black Brown Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Telegrey Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Window Grey Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Resenda Green Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Yellow Olive Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Pale Green Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Concrete Grey Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Stone Grey Steel: $11,040
Table Base: Polished Inox Steel: $13,920
Table Base: Brushed Inox Steel: $12,720
Table Base: Glossy White Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Glossy Black Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Glossy Yellow Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Matte White Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Graphite Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Brown Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Grey Beige Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Blue Grey Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Black Brown Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Telegrey Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Window Grey Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Resenda Green Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Yellow Olive Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Pale Green Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Concrete Grey Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Stone Grey Aluminum: $13,200
Table Base: Brushed Aluminum: $16,560
$11,040 - $34,200
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For an abstract form that suggests climbing vines or twisted roots, Oskar Zieta pushes his FIDU technology to previously unimagined majesty. G-Table blurs the line between furnishing and artistic object with its organic tabletop and parabolic base achieved with his signature compressed-air shaping of metal. Defining opulence in a contemporary manner, the table comes in many standout variations—each one a collector’s dream.

  • 29.5" h x 78.75" w x 39.5" d (75x200x100cm)
  • Base: Steel, aluminum, inox
  • Tabletop: Kauri wood or black stone