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Tam Tam Linear Pendant Light
Marset & Fabien Dumas
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Tam Tam 4 - Black: $1,759
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Tam Tam 4 - Orange: $1,919
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Tam Tam 4 - Sand: $1,919
Tam Tam 4 - Blue: $1,919
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Barcelona-based Marset and Berlin designer Fabien Dumas fall in line with this pendant from their Tam Tam series. The linear version keeps to the collection's colorful and and fun vibe, with the lampshades arrayed on a horizontal hanging pole where they can be oriented 360 degrees in any direction. Each shade is made of lacquered aluminum with an opalescent methacrylate diffuser for even illumination. Ideal for long and narrow spaces, over a dining table or lighting a bar counter.

  • Tam Tam 4: 78.75" h x 57" w x 18" d (200x144.7x45.7cm)
  • Tam Tam 6: 78.75" h x 85.5" w x 18" d (200x217.1x45.7cm)
  • Lampshades adjustable 360º in any direction
  • Metal, lacquered aluminum, opal methacrylate
  • Tam Tam 4: E12 LED TYPE G16.5 5W
  • Tam Tam 6: E12 LED TYPE G16.5 5W


“Marset is more than lamps: We take care of light in its different nuances and effects, to create atmospheres with character, helping to improve people’s quality of life,” declares the Barcelona-based company. Marset’s dual preoccupation with both crisp contemporary design and the more elusive ambiance of lighting has firmly fixed the firm on the design world’s cutting-edge radar. A series of attention-grabbing and innovative fixtures account for the recent revitalization of the brand, though Marset has actually been around since the 1940s.

A family business, Marset was originally a foundry, not a lighting company. It segued into lighting design when Francisco Marset formally established Marset Illuminacion in 1965. Decades devoted to metalwork easily translated to the contemporary lighting industry, with a dexterity of materials available to create unexpected, atmospheric lighting effects. Not to mention the influence of its Barcelona home, a city renowned for architecture, design and visual inspiration.