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Pylos Bench with Adjustable Heating
Galanter & Jones
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Arctic White + Gunmetal: $1,900
Charcoal + Gunmetal: $1,900
Bone + Gunmetal: $1,900
Ocean + Gunmetal: $1,900
Orange + Gunmetal: $1,900
Arctic White + Dark Bronze: $1,900
Charcoal + Dark Bronze: $1,900
Bone + Dark Bronze: $1,900
Ocean + Dark Bronze: $1,900
Orange + Dark Bronze: $1,900
Arctic White + Brass: $1,900
Charcoal + Brass: $1,900
Bone + Brass: $1,900
Ocean + Brass: $1,900
Orange + Brass: $1,900
Arctic White + Silver: $1,900
Charcoal + Silver: $1,900
Bone + Silver: $1,900
Ocean + Silver: $1,900
Orange + Silver: $1,900
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At the perfect height to pair with an outdoor dining table, this bench is also slim enough for narrow pathways or smaller gardens. Yet it provides heated comfort, just like all of Galanter & Jones' revolutionary outdoor furniture. Plug the bench in, set the temperature and, in about 20 to 30 minutes, the cast-stone seat will be warmed up as desired—and the memory function will assure it's the same the next time.
Extremely energy efficient, the bench requires much less power than clunky space heaters and also comes equipped with a outdoor-grade, weather-safe cord. Bench frame in stainless steel resists corrosion and has a powder-coat finish in a variety of metallic tones. That makes for almost unlimiited combinations with the many available seat colors, all derived from metal oxide pigments that are naturally UV resistant to avoid fading.

  • 19" h x 71" w x 19" d (48.2x180.3x48.2cm)
  • Designed and hand made in California
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Energy-efficient radiant heating
  • Cast stone, stainless steel
  • Branded box
  • Plug-in ready 120V power, 750 watts, 6.3 amps