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Modular Sofa
Handvärk & Emil Thorup
Select a Modular Sofa Collection
Ottoman: Velvet 802 Upholstery (Dark Grey): $1,539
Ottoman: Velvet 606 Upholstery (Royal Blue): $1,539
Ottoman: Velvet 904 Upholstery (Sand): $1,539
Middle Module: Velvet 802 Upholstery (Dark Grey): $2,155
Middle Module: Velvet 606 Upholstery (Royal Blue): $2,155
Middle Module: Velvet 904 Upholstery (Sand): $2,155
Corner Module: Velvet 802 Upholstery (Dark Grey): $2,771
Corner Module: Velvet 606 Upholstery (Royal Blue): $2,771
Corner Module: Velvet 904 Upholstery (Sand): $2,771
1-Seat Lounge Chair: Velvet 802 Upholstery (Dark Grey): $3,633
1-Seat Lounge Chair: Velvet 606 Upholstery (Royal Blue): $3,633
1-Seat Lounge Chair: Velvet 904 Upholstery (Sand): $3,633
Loose Pillow: Velvet 606 Upholstery (Royal Blue): $247
Loose Pillow: Velvet 802 Upholstery (Dark Grey): $247
Loose Pillow: Velvet 904 Upholstery (Sand): $247
$247 - $3,633
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Handvärk brings a continental sensibility to Scandinavian style with Modular Sofa, a suave velvet seating plan that offers both expansive comfort and elegant versatility. Seemingly floating on spare black steel legs, each module is fashioned from high-density foam with thick padding on top. A solid but flexible steel-braced backrest with fiber fill allows the sofa to maintain its shape while optional loose pillows enhance the overall look and add posh comfort.

  • Ottoman Module: 15" h x 37" w x 37" d (38x94x94cm)
  • Middle Module: 26.75" h x 39.25" w x 37" d (68x100x94cm)
  • Corner Module: 26.75" h x 39.25" w x 39.25" d (68x100x100cm)
  • 1-Seat Lounge Chair: 26.75" h x 41.75" w x 39.25" d (68x106x100cm)
  • Seat height: 15" (38cm)
  • Pine, high-density foam & padding, steel
  • Branded box

Aesthetic sustainability. This is the Handvärk way. 

Designer and architect Emil Thorup founded the company in 2015 with an emphasis on handcrafted furnishings, stripped down to their functional and graphic essence, and made of luxe materials to stand the length of time.

The Nordic DNA notwithstanding, the brand’s hallmark are the brackets repeated at least 8-12 times per piece. So, too, are the materials: in contrast to the penchant for wood by his fellow Danes, Emil focuses on premium steel, brass, iron, marble and leather. From the Modular Sofa with Chaise to the spare Console or Studio Floor Lamp, these basics are anything but.