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Acrylic Trophy Deer Head
Science and Sons
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An A+R exclusive! We think Tristan Zimmermann has a clever head on those Canadian shoulders of his, particularly when it comes to his life-sized trophy head, lasersmithed of pure Swiss glacial acrylic. The cheeky grad of Ontario College of Art and Design invented the concept of Plastidermy under Science+Sons, the studio he launched in 2005. He has since introduced the irreverent porcelain Phonofone Ipod dock and the Park Planter series. We loved the trophy deer above our fireplace so much that we partnered with Tristan to continue its production—in the same labor-intensive way as it all began. It’s flat packed, and parts are easily slotted. We’re thrilled to re-introduce this utterly cool work, cobranded by the artist and A+R. Each piece is numbered.

  • Lifesize
  • From antler tip to base 39"
  • Across antlers, widest point 37"
  • Wall to tip of nose 17"
  • Length of base 19"
  • Width of base 16"
  • Plexi
  • Branded Box
  • This item normally ships within 48 hours