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Alley Dining Table
Woud & Says Who
Select an Alley Dining Table
Small: Smoked Oiled Oak + Black Legs: $2,999
Small: Smoked Oiled Oak: $2,999
Small: Matte Lacquered Oak + White Legs: $2,999
Small: Matte Lacquered Oak + Black Legs: $2,999
Small: Matte Lacquered Oak: $2,999
Medium: Smoked Oiled Oak + Black Legs: $3,299
Medium: Smoked Oiled Oak: $3,299
Medium: Matte Lacquered Oak + White Legs: $3,299
Medium: Matte Lacquered Oak + Black Legs: $3,299
Medium: Matte Lacquered Oak: $3,299
Large: Smoked Oiled Oak + Black Legs: $3,599
Large: Smoked Oiled Oak: $3,599
Large: Matte Lacquered Oak + White Legs: $3,599
Large: Matte Lacquered Oak + Black Legs: $3,599
Large: Matte Lacquered Oak: $3,599
$2,999 - $3,599
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The once-lowly plank dining table gets a strikingly minimalist makeover in Alley from Danish design studio Says Who. The tabletop features two broad panels with a narrow alley in between, all supported by rounded wooden legs. Thus the concept is reduced to its essentials, with an elevated interpretation that melds simplicity with functionality. In 3 sizes and a selection of finishes, Alley shows respect for the Scandinavian design heritage while reinventing it to fit our present times.

  • Small: 29" h x 71" w x 37.5" d (74x180x95cm)
  • Medium: 29" h x 80.75" w x 37.5" d (74x205x95cm)
  • Large: 29" h x 94.5" w x 37.5" d (74x240x95cm)
  • Table extension available upon request
  • Oak, ash
  • Branded box


“We wanted a challenge,” say husband and wife Mia and Torben Koed, founders of Copenhagen-based Woud, and they got one. Sitting around the dinner table a couple of years ago, they realized it was time to leverage their experience in private-label furniture and create something of their own. In just a few short years, they’ve masterminded one of the most influential Danish brands around.

Now adding accessories to the mix of furniture and lighting, Woud expands on the essential simplicity of Nordic design with an emphasis on finely crafted function and startlingly original form. Embracing upcoming design talents, both from Denmark and abroad, the couple is also keen on finding new materials that fit the Scandinavian tradition. Ultimately, they say, “We believe timeless design can express personalities, inspire people and create beautiful homes.”