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Mega Daybed
Massproductions & Chris Martin
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White Base + Fabric A: $3,820
White Base + Fabric B: $3,820
White Base + Fabric C: $4,068
White Base + Fabric C+: $4,372
Black Base + Fabric A: $3,820
Black Base + Fabric B: $3,820
Black Base + Fabric C: $4,068
Black Base + Fabric C+: $4,372
Stone Grey Base + Fabric A: $3,820
Stone Grey Base + Fabric B: $3,820
Stone Grey Base + Fabric C: $4,068
Stone Grey Base + Fabric C+: $4,372
$3,820 - $4,372
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It’s perhaps hard to believe but this luxurious daybed was inspired by a bakery. Designer Chris Martin saw a rack of loaves resting against a metal wire stand which he translated as a thin steel-tube framework holding the plump cushions. A practical indulgence, Mega combines deeply cushioned comfort and a strikingly sculptural appearance, equally well-suited to offices, hotels or the home.

  • 26" h x 77.5" w x 35.5" d (66x197x90cm)
  • Seat height: 16.5" (42cm)
  • Fabric A: Lido, Lido Trend, Solids & Stripes, Natte, Era, Advantage, Linara
  • Fabric B: Wooly, Wooly+, Dakota Suede, Mainline Flax, Synergy
  • Fabric C: Tweed, Hero, Remix, Steelcut Trio, Blazer, Hemp, Silk, Ruskin
  • Fabric C+: Ponza, Tonus 4, Hallingdal 65, Ritz, Nettle, Euro Post, Luna 2
  • Steel frame, upholstery
  • Branded box


“Our goal is to use industrial processes to create furniture which people can get excited about, something that gives them pride of ownership,” says Chris Martin of Stockholm-based Massproductions. “You can do that with a hand-crafted piece, but for us the satisfaction comes from achieving it with an industrially produced article.” Chris, an Englishman, and Swedish business partner Magnus Elebäck first met as independent consultants and eventually put their accumulated knowledge to work for themselves in 2009 by opening their own furniture company, Massproductions. 

Within modernist design codes, they strive for a “dignified simplicity” and their emblematic Tio Chair took the prestigious Golden Chair award from the Swedish Association of Architects. Also cognizant of environmental factors, a core concept is to produce “cleverly and in volume” to emphasize sustainability as well as social ethics, Chris says. "We believe that responsible and rational mass production benefits the consumer, the factory worker and everyone in-between.”