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Utility Sofa Two Sides
Stellar Works & Neri&Hu
Select an Utility Sofa
Short Left: Ash + Fabric C: $2,977
Short Left: Ash + Fabric B: $3,687
Short Left: Ash + Fabric A: $4,487
Short Left: Ash + Leather C: $4,167
Short Left: Ash + Leather B: $4,887
Short Left: Ash + Leather A: $5,487
Short Left: Walnut + Fabric C: $3,267
Short Left: Walnut + Fabric B: $3,987
Short Left: Walnut + Fabric A: $4,787
Short Left: Walnut + Leather C: $4,387
Short Left: Walnut + Leather B: $5,187
Short Left: Walnut + Leather A: $5,787
Short Right: Ash + Fabric C: $2,977
Short Right: Ash + Fabric B: $3,687
Short Right: Ash + Fabric A: $4,487
Short Right: Ash + Leather C: $4,167
Short Right: Ash + Leather B: $4,887
Short Right: Ash + Leather A: $5,487
Short Right: Walnut + Fabric C: $3,267
Short Right: Walnut + Fabric B: $3,987
Short Right: Walnut + Fabric A: $4,787
Short Right: Walnut + Leather C: $4,387
Short Right: Walnut + Leather B: $5,187
Short Right: Walnut + Leather A: $5,787
Long Left: Ash + Fabric C: $3,897
Long Left: Ash + Fabric B: $5,097
Long Left: Ash + Fabric A: $6,197
Long Left: Ash + Leather C: $6,097
Long Left: Ash + Leather B: $7,097
Long Left: Ash + Leather A: $8,097
Long Left: Walnut + Fabric C: $4,397
Long Left: Walnut + Fabric B: $5,597
Long Left: Walnut + Fabric A: $6,697
Long Left: Walnut + Leather C: $6,397
Long Left: Walnut + Leather B: $7,497
Long Left: Walnut + Leather A: $8,497
Long Right: Ash + Fabric C: $3,897
Long Right: Ash + Fabric B: $6,097
Long Right: Ash + Fabric A: $6,197
Long Right: Ash + Leather C: $6,097
Long Right: Ash + Leather B: $7,097
Long Right: Ash + Leather A: $8,097
Long Right: Walnut + Fabric C: $4,397
Long Right: Walnut + Fabric B: $5,597
Long Right: Walnut + Fabric A: $6,697
Long Right: Walnut + Leather C: $6,397
Long Right: Walnut + Leather B: $7,497
Long Right: Walnut + Leather A: $8,497
$2,977 - $8,497
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Sofa Two Sides brings a welcome design flourish to fans of asymmetry or those faced with unusual architectural spaces. From the Utility collection by Stellar Works, the seating hews to an "industrial luxe" aesthetic. Finely crafted with rich leather or fine textile upholstery, brass-finish bracketing and a solid wood base, it's an inviting landing spot that melds readily in residential or contract settings.

  • Short: 33.9" h x 39" w x 31.5" d (86x99x80cm)
  • Long: 33.9" h x 76.4" w x 31.5" d (86x194x80cm)
  • Seat height: 17.3" (44cm)
  • Fabric Group C: Revive 1, Medley, Diamond, Manhattan, Linen
  • Fabric Group B: Remix, Synergy, Umami, Lamous
  • Fabric Group A: Hallingdal, Divina Melange, Steelcut Trio
  • Leather Group C: Caress, Saddle
  • Leather Group B: Crystal, Milano
  • Leather Group A: Newcastle
  • Solid wood base, stainless-steel brass finish brackets, leather or textile upholstery
  • Branded box

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Stellar Works since a couple of design enthusiasts from France and Japan launched the line in 2013. Operations benefit from Japanese management, while the craftsmanship draws on premium European furniture practices and technical proficiency that comes with the brand’s own state-of-the-art factory in Shanghai, China.

Because Stellar Works controls end to end, it takes great pride in abiding to Japan’s Four-Star standards—the most stringent in the industry worldwide—offering transparency regarding the sourcing of every material, be it leather, metal or fabric, along with ensuring that all woods come from FSC-certified forests. 

The line’s urbane sense of materials, colorways and forms is a reflection of a global roster that includes New York designer-architect David Rockwell, Toronto’s Yabu Pushelberg, Copenhagen’s Space Copenhagen and Monaco-based Humbert & Poyet—along with an exacting Asian lens by appointing Chinese duo Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu—widely known as Neri&Hu—as creative directors for the brand.