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Utility Stool: H460
Stellar Works & Neri&Hu
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Ash + Upholstery Group C: $439
Ash + Upholstery Group B: $480
Ash + Upholstery Group A: $534
Ash + Leather Group C: $500
Ash + Leather Group B: $561
Ash + Leather Group A: $588
Walnut + Upholstery Group C: $547
Walnut + Upholstery Group B: $588
Walnut + Upholstery Group A: $642
Walnut + Leather Group C: $601
Walnut + Leather Group B: $662
Walnut + Leather Group A: $696
$439 - $696
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Unobtrusive but sophisticated, Utility Stool H460 makes for splendid extra seating in a variety of settings. With traces of an Asian sensibility—yet resolutely modernist in outlook—Stellar Works’ design directors Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu put a straightforward spin on traditional materials. With its graceful wood legs, brass-finished footrest and luxe upholstered seat, Utility Stool melds with a variety of furnishing styles and resolutely lives up to its name in any environment, from high-end hospitality to residential projects.

  • 18" h x 13.75" dia (46x35cm)
  • Seat height: 18" (46cm)
  • Leather Group A: Newcastle
  • Leather Group B: Crystal, Milano
  • Leather Group C: Caress, Saddle
  • Upholstery Group A: Hallingdal, Divina Melange, Steelcut Trio
  • Upholstery Group B: Remix, Synergy, Umami, Lamous
  • Upholstery Group C: Revive 1, Medley, Diamond, Manhattan, Linen
  • Solid wood legs, leather or textile upholstery
  • Branded box