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Ronin Chair
La Chance & Frederik Werner & Emil Lagoni Valbak
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Natural Beech: $942
Natural Beech + Marble: $1,481
Matte Black: $942
Matte Black + Marble: $1,481
$942 - $1,481
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Japanese and Danish aesthetics and construction methods sublimely come together in the Ronin Chair. A ronin was a samurai warrior in feudal Japan without a master or lord, and something in that idea is reflected in the singular, sculptural look of this chair, with or without the marble back.
The design draws on traditional Japanese stick furniture, with the elemental interlocking of faceted beechwood stems for sturdiness. Designers Frederik Werner and Emil Lagoni Valbak originally presented it as a graduating project at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Thankfully, it was brought to market by French collective La Chance.

  • 27.25" h x 24.5" w x 15" d (69x58x46cm)
  • Beechwood, leather, marble
  • Branded box


The founders of La Chance, the Paris-based design house, have united talent from the bustling “new wave” of global design—10 designers hailing from 9 different countries—in a collection marked by contemporary French élan. And entrepreneur Jean-Baptiste Souletie and architect Louise Breguetbeen are partners in business and in life, as they say. Between the pair, they have lived in India and China, designed offices in London and built homes in Haiti, and lent their know-how to established luxury companies and emerging start-ups.

When the 20-something couple first met, they discovered they were both inspired by a love of the Art Deco movement, when objects were valued for function as well as their decorative attributes. That spirit imbues the modern sense of luxury and uncontrived manner of of their collection of furniture, lighting and rugs. “We like things to be warm, colorful, and good quality,” Louise says. “And in terms of style, you can see all the workings of the furniture, even the upholstered pieces, as we have nothing to hide.”