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Shelvish Wood Shelving
Friends & Founders & Ida Linea Hildebrand
Select a Shelvish
Small: Black Stained Ash: $990
Small: Warm Grey Stained Ash: $990
Medium: Black Stained Ash: $1,175
Medium: Warm Grey Stained Ash: $1,175
High: Black Stained Ash: $1,365
High: Warm Grey Stained Ash: $1,365
Connected: Black Stained Ash: $1,900
Connected: Warm Grey Stained Ash: $1,900
$990 - $1,900
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For displaying those favorite objects, get on the stick. Shelvish, the strikingly minimalist storage from Friends & Founders is based on one fundamental component–a stick. In matte-finish ash, the wood version achieves an open appearance and versatility through notable simplicity of line. Fine brass detailing enhances the sense of contemporary elegance. Place as a free-standing unit or combine the varied-size modules to suit individual design prerogatives. It’s another persuasively pared-down standout from the Copenhagen-based brand’s creative director Ida Linea Hildebrand.

  • Small: 31.5" h x 31.5" w x 15.75" d (80x80x40cm)
  • Medium: 45.25" h x 31.5" w x 15.75" d (115x80x40cm)
  • High: 59" h x 31.5" w x 15.75" d (150x80x40cm)
  • Connected: 31.5" h x 59" w x 15.75" d (80x158x40cm)
  • Ash, brass
  • Branded box
  • Max load: 44 lbs (20 kg)/shelf


“Our designs are characterized by Scandinavian heritage in terms of the ambitiously high quality level,” says Ida Linea Hildebrand, “and the common idea of surrounding oneself with less, but important things” Creative director of Copenhagen-based Friends & Founders, Ida and husband Rasmus started the design house in just 2013 and have already attracted an enthusiastic following for their collection’s pared-down simplicity —often achieved with unexpected and unusually luxurious materials.  Many of their spare and boundary-breaking pieces easily span several contexts from indoors to outdoors, from work to home environments.

Favoring the trend to a universal aesthetic, the company utilizes local manufacturers and specializes in perfectly detailed and custom-made processes as well as a strong focus on sustainable manufacturing methods. Ida sees her furniture as a vehicle for the client’s personal expression, with bold lines and daring use of materials. With a range that includes upholstered pieces, metalwork and stone, in the hands of Friends & Founders the dictum “less is more” is realized with an persuasively idiosyncratic twist.