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Literatura Classic Shelving System
Punt & Vicent Martínez
Select a Literatura
LIT341: "A" Finish: $1,590
LIT341: "B" Finish: $1,650
LIT341: "C" Finish: $1,805
LIT361: "A" Finish: $2,440
LIT361: "B" Finish: $2,565
LIT361: "C" Finish: $2,800
LIT381: "A" Finish: $1,835
LIT381: "B" Finish: $1,895
LIT381: "C" Finish: $2,055
LIT391: "A" Finish: $2,745
LIT391: "B" Finish: $2,870
LIT391: "C" Finish: $3,115
LIT221 (Rolling Element): "A" Finish: $1,195
LIT221 (Rolling Element): "B" Finish: $1,255
LIT221 (Rolling Element): "C" Finish: $1,345
$1,195 - $3,115
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Ready for some welcome double-talk? The Literatura Classic from Spanish maker Punt solves those storage woes with its ingenious double-shelf system. A design classic for more than 25 years, the wheeled front unit slides to either side for access to the back shelves. With adjustable height shelves, myriad finishes and a variety of available sizes to configure at will, Literatura is as functional as it is handsome.

  • LIT341: 88.25" h x 17.75" w x 13.75" d (223.9x45x35cm)
  • LIT361: 88.25" h x 35.5" w x 13.75" d (223.9x90x35cm)
  • LIT381: 88.25" h x 17.75" w x 22.25" d (223.9x45x56.5cm)
  • LIT391: 88.25" h x 35.5" w x 22.25" d (223.9x90x56.5cm)
  • LIT221 (Rolling Element): 86.75" h x 17.75" w x 8.25" d (220.3x45x21cm)
  • "A" Finishes: super-matte oak or open pore white lacquered oak
  • "B" Finish: super-matte walnut
  • "C" Finishes: Ebony, Dark Grey, Purple Red, Dark Sand or Sienna Grey Stained Oak
  • Crosspiece Finish: White, Black, Pure Red, Sand or Mustard Texturized Lacquer
  • Wheel Colors: White, Black or Silver
  • Guide Finishes: Black or Silver
  • Please contact us for more information on available models.
  • E1 MDF fiberboard, oak or walnut veneer, polyamide casters
  • Branded box


Get the Punt? Founded in Valencia back in in 1980, the company name means “point.” The Punt (formally Puntmobles) credo philosophizes that “a point is the beginning of a line” and the Spain-based modernist furniture concern has indeed brought forth a long line of artful products in collaboration with designers such as Terence Woodgate, Odosdesign and Vincent Martinez. Along the way, the company has been recognized with numerous awards from the likes of Wallpaper magazine and others. “The points from Punt that go to make up our collection are practically infinite,” they say. “Many of these 'punts' are happy encounters, happy discoveries; others are still searches, seeking serendipity.”