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LD 130 Hi-Fi Soundsystem + Laptop Desk
La Boite Concept+CC LAB
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Red Piano Lacquered: $2,300
Piano Lacquered Grey: $2,300
Piano Lacquered Black: $2,300
Piano Lacquered White: $2,300
Matte Black: $2,300
Lacquered Cherrywood: $2,500
Matte Lacquered Walnut: $2,500
$2,300 - $2,500
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La Boite Concept’s LD 130 raises the audio game of the original LD 120, the hi-fi sound system specifically designed for laptops and other wireless devices and housed in a luxurious replica of a French school desk. Now the proportions of the desk have been slightly enlarged and the output has been upsized as well, to 130 hard-charging watts.

La Boite Concept founders Timothée and Guillaume Cagniard’s “enfant” starts with the built-in DAC sound card that translates digital audio into higher quality analogue fed to the 3 discrete amps. A pair of stereo speakers at the back of the desk plus four more drivers and a subwoofer at the front pump out glorious tones. Designed to be placed against a wall, sound from the rear disperses and “bounces” to create wide stereo fidelity, even when standing or sitting close to the unit.

With Bluetooth capability and auxiliary jacks for both wireless and standard devices, the LD 130 has it all, including a built-in laptop charger. Desk finishes include piano lacquer and wood options with a fine leather desktop. Here’s one kind of “homework” one would hope to never outgrow.

  • 30.25" h x 27.25" w x 20.5" d (77x69x52cm)
  • Piano-lacquered MDF, solid wood, leather blotter
  • Branded Box
  • Power: 130 Watts RMS on 8 ohms (2x25 watts + 1x80 watts)
  • La Boite concept exclusive speakers: 2 x 2.5cm silk dome tweeters, 2 x 10cm mid-range drivers with aluminum baskets + Kevlar® cones, 1 x 16cm aluminum woofer + carbon cone, 2 x 8cm Wide Surround® rear speakers
  • Inputs: ATOLL Burr-Brown® DAC (24 bits) sound card for PC and MAC link, Mini-Jack, RCA auxiliaries
  • HD Wireless Music Kit included: Bluetooth 4.0 and Apt-X® technologies
  • Trapdoor: 30cm large incl. 200V power socket


“Cradled in the world of hi-fi,” is how co-founder Timothée Cagniard puts it of his family’s lineage in high-end audio. For starters, his grandmother Marie Cagniard Yeramian founded noted speaker brand Siare in 1945, later to be headed up by his father. “I made my first speaker at the age of 12,” he continues, “and it was a natural for my brother and me to create La Boite Concept.”

Under parent company CC LAB, La Boite upped the audio game for the digital generation with a combination of iconic design and standout sound quality, starting with their debut system modeled on a classic French school desk. Very much a part of the creative scene that surrounds them, Timothée and Guillaume also collaborate with international musicians and video artists on numerous special projects.