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Emma Series: Companion Set
Eldvarm & Emma Olbers
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Classique - Walnut: $575
Noirette: $575
Naturel II: $635
Lichen: $635
Havane: $695
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Light your fire with this exceptional hearthside set. Louise Varre’s heritage of growing up surrounded by Nordic design, coupled with her family’s fireplace business situated in Grâces, a township in the Brittany region of France, inspired these luxuriously modern accessories. Louise selected the finest materials for the Emma Series: beech handles from sustainable forests in France, natural horsehair bristles, powder-coated steel with brass details and natural leather from renowned Swedish tannery Tärnsjö.
Set includes tongs, brush and shovel to clear away excess ash and the exclusive blow poker. This handy implement can be used both as a blower to more easily give kindling a start and also to prod and arrange logs to keep the fire burning.

  • Set: 29.25" h x 9" w x 7" d (74x23x18cm)
  • Tongs: 19.5" l (49cm)
  • Set includes: tongs, brush, shovel, blow poker (can be used as both blower and poker)
  • Beech wood harvested from sustainable forests in France.
  • Brush uses 50% horse hair, 50% tamoico, which is made from the roots of the agave cactus. This gives the brush more stiffness and improves heat resistance.
  • Horse hair and natural, vegetable tanned leather from Swedish tannery Tärnsjö.
  • Tongs in Naturel I, Naturel II and Havane sets include Tärnsjö leather handles.
  • Beech, powder coated metal, brass details, horse hair, tamoico, natural vegetable tanned leather
  • Branded box