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Stockholm Sideboard
Punt & Mario Ruiz
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STH311 - "A" Finish: $4,970
STH311 - "B" Finish: $5,220
STH311 - "C" Finish: $5,290
STH312 - "A" Finish: $5,820
STH312 - "B" Finish: $6,035
STH312 - "C" Finish: $6,330
STH313 - "A" Finish: $6,295
STH313 - "B" Finish: $6,610
STH313 - "C" Finish: $6,925
STH411 - "A" Finish: $6,270
STH411 - "B" Finish: $6,520
STH411 - "C" Finish: $6,900
STH412 - "A" Finish: $7,230
STH412 - "B" Finish: $7,400
STH412 - "C" Finish: $7,845
STH413 - "A" Finish: $8,455
STH413 - "B" Finish: $8,880
STH413 - "C" Finish: $9,300
$4,970 - $9,300
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Happily, minimalism borders on a syndrome with the Stockholm Sideboard from Spanish brand Punt. Barcelona-based designer Mario Ruiz envisioned a sleek wood cabinet, unmarred by drawer pulls or handles. Then he flipped the script with an unanticipated contrast—an inset top surface finished in a gleaming metallic aluminum "skin." Striking to behold, Mario's virtuoso Stockholm series has been lauded with the Red Dot Design Award.

  • STH311: 30.75" h x 70.75" w x 18" d (79.3x180x46cm)
  • STH312: 30.75" h x 70.75" w x 18" d (79.3x180x46cm)
  • STH313: 40.75" h x 70.75" w x 18" d (79.3x180x46cm)
  • STH411: 31.25" h x 93.75" w x 18" d (79.3x238x46cm)
  • STH412: 31.25" h x 93.75" w x 18" d (79.3x238x46cm)
  • STH413: 31.25" h x 93.75" w x 18" d (79.3x238x46cm)
  • "A" finishes: super-matte oak, open pore white lacquered oak
  • "B" finishes: super-matte walnut
  • "C" finishes: ebony, dark grey, dark sand, or sienna grey stained oak
  • Top finishes: gold, pale rose, bronze
  • Plinth finishes: white, black, taupe
  • Please contact us for more information on available models.
  • MDF E1 and E1 particleboard, natural oak or natural walnut veneer, anodized aluminum, steel
  • Branded box


Get the Punt? Founded in Valencia back in in 1980, the company name means “point.” The Punt (formally Puntmobles) credo philosophizes that “a point is the beginning of a line” and the Spain-based modernist furniture concern has indeed brought forth a long line of artful products in collaboration with designers such as Terence Woodgate, Odosdesign and Vincent Martinez. Along the way, the company has been recognized with numerous awards from the likes of Wallpaper magazine and others. “The points from Punt that go to make up our collection are practically infinite,” they say. “Many of these 'punts' are happy encounters, happy discoveries; others are still searches, seeking serendipity.”



Barcelona designer Mario Ruiz says he seeks “a new kind of sophistication” in his work, both “in the quality and combination of materials and in the precise styling and balanced radii.” Originally studying industrial design, he first made a name in office furnishings and technology  but now Mario's international clientele has widened to include furniture, lighting and brand identity. In the process he has racked up numerous honors, including several IF citations and Red Dot, Design Plus and Wallpaper awards. Ultimately, he says, his designs should align with their surroundings, to create an environment “where one should feel well in oneself.”