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Tati Dining Table
Broberg & Ridderstråle & Asplund
Select a Tati
140 - White Stained Oak Top: $5,000
140 - Black Walnut Oak Top: $5,000
140 - White Lacquered Oak Top: $5,000
140 - Belgian Limestone Top: $5,000
140 - Carrara Marble Top: $5,000
140 - Nuvolato Marble Top: $5,000
200 - White Stained Oak Top: $6,000
200 - Black Walnut Oak Top: $6,000
200 - White Lacquered Oak Top: $6,000
200+Overhang - White Stained Oak Top: $6,135
200+Overhang - Black Walnut Oak Top: $6,135
200+Overhang - White Lacquered Oak Top: $6,135
260+Overhang - White Stained Oak Top: $6,815
260+Overhang - Black Walnut Oak Top: $6,815
260+Overhang - White Lacquered Oak Top: $6,815
$5,000 - $6,815
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With the Tati Table and its companion pieces, Swedish designers Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle pay a sly tribute to legendary French filmmaker Jacques Tati. Monsieur Hulot, Tati’s signature character, and his whimsical view of modernism seemed a fitting counterpoint to the furniture’s characteristic lightness of expression. For dining or use as a worktable, the versatile Tati Table from Stockholm-based brand Asplund is offered in 4 sizes, with a wide array of colors in the lacquered metal frame and a selection of tabletop finishes.

  • 140: 28.25" h x 33.5" w x 55" d (72x85x140cm)
  • 200: 28.25" h x 33.5" w x 78.75" d (72x85x200cm)
  • 260: 28.25" h x 33.5" w x 102.25" d (72x85x260cm)
  • Overhang: 11.75" (30cm) on each side
  • Frame available in the following colors: Anthracite, White, Deep Blue, Nougat, Violet, Orange, Storm Grey, Nordic Blue, Green Khaki and Bronze
  • Please contact us for more information
  • Frame: Lacquered metal
  • Tabletop: Wood or stone
  • Branded box


These “creative collaborators” open a window on their line of thinking while explaining the Tati series for Swedish maker Asplund: “We decided to mix warm and cold material … and the simple expression led to a strict form with a feminine touch.” Designers Johan Ridderstråle and Mats Broberg have been collaborating ever since meeting as students at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design almost 10 years ago. Headquartered in Stockholm, their studio mixes an architectural practice with furnishings design. They often draw inspiration from everyday life and filter their work through a lens of rational thinking and a good bit of wit.

Tati, named for the French cinema icon of Mr Hulot’s Holiday, proves Broberg & Ridderstråle doesn’t take itself too seriously (though the design racked up serious recognition as Furniture of the Year when introduced.) Perhaps they share an worldview with the auteur they celebrate: “You should always be open to new ideas, impressions and inspiration, because you never know when you are going to find them.”




“Small details are more important in simple minimalist design, because you see every line,” says Sandra Adrian Asplund, creative director at the eponymous Stockholm-based furniture brand. The brothers Asplund—Michael, an art dealer, and Thomas, a banker—originally teamed up to open a gallery that treated furnishings as works of fine art. When their vision took off, Sandra joined the team as creative head (and later spouse of Thomas) to develop a collection in a style they dub “Friendly Minimalism” that has grown into an internationally acclaimed design leader.

A warmer take on iconic Swedish minimalism, the Asplund look is similarly grounded in functionality and and hews to an ethos of sustainably. “Natural materials often require a bit of love and care, but in return, they age beautifully and last a lifetime,” says Sandra. Carefully produced in Sweden with environmentally friendly processes and a large measure of hand craftsmanship, Asplund goods are contemporary heirlooms, she says. “Unless every inch is perfect, it is not good enough.”