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Cube Thruster Soundsystem
La Boite Concept+CC LAB & Samuel Accoceberry
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We like the sound of this. La Boite Concept’s Cube is the follow-up to their breakthrough LD 120 in its much-admired French school desk cabinet. (At A+R, a legendary hit-maker was so impressed he carted a demo model away right off the sales floor!)
At coffee table height, Cube is an all-in-one media player. Plug in and play. No installation or special configuration for instant wireless connection to computers, tablets, smartphones, TV and turntables. That said, the glass shelf can hold a most standard turntables (pre-amplified models, plug directly into RCA input under cabinet; if it's not, add a phonograph pre-amplifier).

A built-in DAC (digital to analogue converter) sound card translates digital audio from a computer via USB into analogue—a much higher quality sound card than found in 99% of laptops. Five speakers and the 100-watt amplifier deliver a high-quality experience—even at close range—because of La Boite’s Wide Sound 2.0. This proprietary design features 2 speakers at back dispersing and reflecting off the wall. These active and passive crossover audio fields allow high-fidelity to remain clear, whether the system is turned down low or cranked up for a party.

With the Cube, Timothée and Guillaume Cagniard—the grandsons of La Boite Concept founding grand-mère—merge inimitable French style with the immersive sound quality this third-generation family-owned company is known for.

  • Unit: 18.5" h x 19" w x 14" d (47x48x35.4cm)
  • Glass Shelf: 17.5'' x 13.7’’ (35 x 44.5 cm)
  • NOTE: La Boite Concept confirms that a turntable can be played from the glass bottom shelf and not atop the speaker. See below for further details.
  • Matte black lacquered MDF, safety Securit® glass
  • Branded box
  • Speakers: 1 woofer bass reflex in aluminum + 2 full range “Wide Sound 2.0®” rear speakers by La Boite Concept
  • Amplifier: 100 real Watts RMS Total Power - 8 ohms (2x25W + 1x50w)
  • Connectivity: native universal Bluetooth® 4.0 Apt-X® receiver, optical-in, RCA and 3.5mm mini-jack
  • Turntables: pre-amplified models, plug directly into RCA input under cabinet; if it's not a pre-amplified turntable, add a phono pre-amplifier, readily available through audio resources.


“Cradled in the world of hi-fi,” is how co-founder Timothée Cagniard puts it of his family’s lineage in high-end audio. For starters, his grandmother Marie Cagniard Yeramian founded noted speaker brand Siare in 1945, later to be headed up by his father. “I made my first speaker at the age of 12,” he continues, “and it was a natural for my brother and me to create La Boite Concept.”

Under parent company CC LAB, La Boite upped the audio game for the digital generation with a combination of iconic design and standout sound quality, starting with their debut system modeled on a classic French school desk. Very much a part of the creative scene that surrounds them, Timothée and Guillaume also collaborate with international musicians and video artists on numerous special projects.