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Sweeper + Funnel
Menu & Jan Kochanski
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Here’s a clean sweep! The Sweeper + Dustpan from Menu makes smart work of on-the-spot housekeeping. For compact storage, the long rounded handle of the sweeper fits neatly in the corresponding hollow handle of the dustpan. And Polish designer Jan Kochański wisely avoids any uneccesary dustups—the hollow handle also acts as a funnel to dispose of the collected dust and dirt.

  • 13" h x 9.5" w x 3.25" d (33x24x8.5cm)
  • Plastic, ash wood, horse hair
  • Branded box
  • This item normally ships within 48 hours


"It's about creating aesthetically pleasing designs that evoke true feelings,” Menu founder Bjarne Hansen told the online magazine Lonny, “as well as improving processes in people's daily lives.” Ranging from tabletop objects to bath fixtures to lighting and furniture, the Danish brand’s pursuit of "soft minimalism" involves collaborations with designers from all over the world. The company’s guiding spirit is a quest for functional originality—with each product having either a new purpose, incorporating a new material or utilizing a new production method.

Menu is just as dedicated to responsible manufacturing as it is innovation. Working to locate new partners in developing countries around the world, the company searches out local factories or small private co-operations to turn out high quality goods and also provide a better economic foundation for the people involved in that production. "We’re passionate about design, new materials and clever details," say the folks at Menu, "and we dream about making a difference."