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Indoor/Outdoor RS#3 Wood Foosball Table
RS Barcelona
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With the RS#3 Wood Foosball Table, soccer-heads can get their kicks between matches in unrivaled high style. Made in Spain, this version of RS Barcelona's lauded RS#3 adds richly grained iroko wood legs, for a luxury upgrade. Yet the wood is weather resistant, just like the steel tabletop (with no plastic parts to wear out) that's treated with a cataphoresis coating for greater durability. Everything stays shiny and new, indoors or out. So whether pride of place is an outdoor patio or an indoor game room, the RS#3 Wood is more than equal to its surroundings. And the tabletop includes 22 players—11 per team—and a precisely lined playing surface. Score!

  • 59.5" l x 50.5" w x 36.5" h (151x128x93cm)
  • Legs: Iroko wood
  • Inox body: stainless steel
  • White, black or gold body: steel with cataphoresis coating process, polyester paint
  • Gold details are 24k plated
  • Field: HLP


“It’s about generating smiles.” Not the usual business plan, but for RS Barcelona it’s a premise that’s made the brand a head-turning standout with its unconventional modernist home decor and furnishings. First begun as a small family-owned metal workshop in 1975, Rafael Rodríguez Castillo had a bigger dream for his business. Joined by his 2 sons, they caught the creative bug and wanted to design and produce their own products and show them to the world.

A certain metal foosball table—in quirky but also practical weatherproof bold colors—set them on their way. With that initial success, the company turned a corner and now is continually searching out young and imaginative talents from the new generation of designers for future collaborations. All because the RS Barcelona team says they enjoy seeing things in a different light. “It's about feeling good and surrounding yourself with the things you like. To never stop playing and learning.”