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Key Tray
Urbancase & Darin Montgomery
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Calling it a Key Tray is a bit of a misnomer. Urbancase founder and designer Darin Montgomery's entryway accessory will handily serve to collect keys and other pocket leavings. But as a result of the proprietary mounting system developed by the Seattle-based company, the Key Tray will also hold a heavy handbag or backpack. In solid walnut and sourced from sustainably harvested domestic timber, it's a small but impressive nod to Darin's brand of practicable minimalism.

  • 7.5" l x 3.25" w x 1" h (19.18.3x2.5cm)
  • Designed to hold keys as well as the heaviest handbags and backpacks, using a unique mounting system developed by urbancase
  • Solid domestic walnut with hand applied oil/wax finish
  • This item normally ships within 1-2 weeks


Darin Montgomery got his inauspicious start as a designer at about age 10, when he constructed a wineglass rack out of scrap wood from the family garage. He didn’t realize he needed to clamp the pieces together while the glue dried and so it fell apart when his mom picked it up. “It was known as ‘Frankenrack’ from then on,” he says.

Today, there’s nothing in the least bit scary about the luxuriously minimal furnishings from Urbancase, Darin’s Seattle-based firm. Starting out as a sculptor, he began to build custom furniture on a one-off basis. Working with partners Rachel Illingworth, Trey Jones and Brian Beck, the Urbancase portfolio has come to include furniture, lighting, textiles, tabletop objects and even custom interiors. Darin illustrates his pared-back philosophy with each elegantly reductive element.