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Thin Task Lamp
Juniper Design & Peter Bristol
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Model S - Raw Brass: $475
Model S - Oxidized Brass: $475
Model S - Satin Nickel: $475
Model T - Raw Brass: $550
Model T - Oxidized Brass: $550
Model T - Satin Nickel: $550
$475 - $550
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In this case, Thin really is in! By narrowing down form to the nth degree, LED technology triumphs in Thin, an innovative task light. This lithe light stylishly hews to their dicta of efficiency in both space and energy consumption. A folding ultra-thin wand of light—only ½ inch!—is mounted on a ball joint that allows for multi-directional movement. Angle and extend arm to 3 feet to stretch over any work surface. This sleek wonder produces an awesome 500 lumens of warm white light, powered by 33 high-powered dimmable LEDs. Turn knob at the end of the light tube to elegantly dim.

The Thin Desk Lamp is among the forward products by Peter Bristol, an independent designer who also serves as creative director at the Seattle-based product development consultancy Carbon Design Group. He realized the Thin Lamp with friends at the Brooklyn-based furnishings collective Juniper.

  • Model S, closed: 22" h x 7" w x 7" d (55.9x18x18cm)
  • Model S, extended: 19.5" h x 7" w x 32.5" d (49.5x18x82.6cm)
  • Model T, closed: 27" h x 7.5" w x 7.5" d (68.6x19.1x19.1cm)
  • Model T, extended: 22.5" h x 7.5" w x 41" d (57.2x19.1x104.1cm)
  • Solid brass body, cast iron base
  • Branded box
  • This item normally ships within 48 hours.
  • Lumens: Model S: 0-400 (diffused), Model T: 0-500 (diffused)
  • Light temperature: warm white (3000 kelvin)
  • Light quality: 85 CRI
  • Lifetime of LEDs: 50,000 hours (20-25 years)
  • Power consumption: Model S: max 5.5W, Model T: max 7W
  • Power supply: 1A 12V AC/DC (UL Certified)


“Each collection is highly conversational and a big part of that conversation is rooted in the product's function,” says Shant Madjarian of Brooklyn-based Juniper Design. Shant left a successful career in finance to explore his creative side and hasn’t looked back since. “I am especially fascinated by the nostalgia and storyline told by the iconic design objects of the 20th century,” he recently told the design publication New York Spaces. “It is quite literally the history of human progress told in the form of beautiful objects. I was inspired and wanted to be one small piece of that storyline.”

Early on, Shant crossed paths with independent designer David Irwin and together they conceived the breakthrough M Lamp, an industrially influenced design that set the tone for future projects. At the same time came the collaboration with Peter Bristol on the Thin series, which positioned the company as a risk-taker in matters of design and engineering. “That being said, we don't see ourselves as pioneers. Brooklyn has exploded over the past five years as a center of design,” he adds. “Everyone has their unique edge. It is an exciting time for the design industry.”