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Heavy Pendant Light
Benjamin Hubert & Decode
Select a Heavy Light
Small: Light Brown + Red Cord: $370
Small: Light Brown + White Cord: $370
Small: White + Red Cord: $370
Small: White + White Cord: $370
Small: Light Grey + Red Cord: $370
Small: Light Grey + White Cord: $370
Small: Dark Grey + Red Cord: $370
Small: Dark Grey + White Cord: $370
Medium: Light Brown + Red Cord: $430
Medium: Light Brown + White Cord: $430
Medium: White + White Cord: $430
Medium: White + Red Cord: $430
Medium: Light Grey + Red Cord: $430
Medium: Light Grey + White Cord: $430
Medium: Dark Grey + Red Cord: $430
Medium: Dark Grey + White Cord: $430
Large: Light Brown + Red Cord: $500
Large: Light Brown + White Cord: $500
Large: White + Red Cord: $500
Large: White + White Cord: $500
Large: Dark Grey + Red Cord: $500
Large: Dark Grey + White Cord: $500
Large: Light Grey + Red Cord: $500
Large: Light Grey + White Cord: $500
$370 - $500
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There’s nothing in the least heavy handed about the Heavy Light from Decode London. In fact, designer Benjamin Hubert’s graceful curved shade belies its unlikely fabrication in cast concrete. This workaday material achieves a new elegance through an innovative molding process. The pendant light’s thin-walled shade is individually slip-cast and left inverted in the mold to dry for a number of days as random air pockets and marble-like veiningdevelop on the interior. Yet the exterior surface of the form remains sleek and smooth to the touch. Benjamin’s work has received international critical and media acclaim and has been exhibited internationally; Decode London more than lives up to its aim of challenging long-held conventions in modern interiors.

  • Small: 5" w x 5" d x 6" h (13x13x15cm)
  • Medium: 6.5" w x 6.5" d x 6" h (17x17x15cm)
  • Large: 11.5" w x 11.5" d x 9" h (29x29x23.5cm)
  • Fitting: 1.5" w x 1.5" d x 79" h (4x4x200cm)
  • Drop height: 78.75" (200cm)
  • Braided fabric cord only available on non-UL version
  • Concrete
  • Branded box
  • Small/medium max wattage: 40 watts
  • Large max wattage: 60 watts


"Robust" is a favorite word of UK-born designer Benjamin Hubert when describing his eponymous firm's approach to furniture, lighting and accessory design. His team includes industrial designers, researchers and engineers, all focused on innovating with materials and strategies. That's led to Benjamin Hubert Ltd. collaborating with a roster of international brands from Europe to Asia and Australia to Brazil and the US. "We're a small studio, a young studio—but there's quite a lot of knowledge here," he says.

Educated at Loughborough University with a degree in Industrial Design and Technology, Benjamin first gained notice upon graduation at the New Designers '06 exhibit. Several honors followed, including 2 Red Dot citations, Design of the Year (British Design Awards) and Best Product (Blueprint Magazine 100% Design.) Perhaps such success stems from a regard for the rigor of his process: "If you give somebody a set of constraints, you push the limits."