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70/70 Table
Muuto & TAF Architects
Select a 70/70
Small - Grey: $1,550
Small - Black: $1,550
Small - White: $1,550
Small - Oak + Black Base: $1,900
Small - Oak + Grey Base: $1,900
Small - Oak + White Base: $1,900
Small - Black + White Base: $1,550
Small - White + Black Base: $1,550
Large - Grey: $2,154
Large - Black: $2,154
Large - White: $2,154
Large - Light Green: $2,154
Large - Oak + Black Base: $2,400
Large - Oak + Grey Base: $2,400
Large - Oak + White Base: $2,400
Large - Black + White Base: $2,154
Large - White + Black Base: $2,154
X Large - Grey: $2,400
X Large - Black: $2,400
X Large - White: $2,400
X Large - Oak + Black Base: $2,700
X Large - Oak + Grey Base: $2,700
X Large - Oak + Light Green Base: $2,700
X Large - Oak + White Base: $2,700
X Large - Black + White Base: $2,400
X Large - White + Black Base: $2,400
$1,550 - $2,700
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Here’s a study in plane geometry that’s anything but plain. TAF Architects says the goal for designs such as the 70/70 Table for Danish house Muuto is to show how “everyday objects by their very commonness can be made uncommon.” Consider the pleasing juxtaposition of the sleek cast aluminum frame with the unpretentious plywood tabletop, finished with either a clear laminate or linoleum surface and angled inside the frame and at the table base. Observe the airy silhouette that belies its sturdy form. Note that this table, available in both a smaller or larger size, can serve multiple functions from dining table to home office. Conclude that TAF, the Stockholm-based design and architecture studio, seems to have all the angles covered.

  • Small: 28.75" h x 67" l x 33.5" w (73x170x85cm)
  • Large: 28.75" h x 88.5" l x 35.5" w (73x225x90cm)
  • X Large: 28.75" h x 100.25" l x 42.5" w (73x255x108cm)
  • Black and Grey include linoleum finish.
  • White and Light Green include laminate finish.
  • Alumminum, plywood, linoleum or laminate
  • Branded box


”We give the designers the freedom to create new designs,” says Muuto co-founder Peter Bonnén. Inspired by the Finnish word “muutos” that alludes to having a new perspective, the company aspires to update Scandinavian tradition for a new generation. By giving free reign to the brightest design talent in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, there’s the breathing room to conjure a new take on a chair, vase or a lamp, Peter says. “The road to success for modern Scandinavian design lies in a strong belief in the best designers of our time.”

Peter and co-founder Kristian Byrge, who originally trained in economics and management respectively, might not have seemed destined to helm a new-influencer design firm. But their passion for all things design and and the distinctive style they dub “New Nordic” has brought global acclaim in just a few short years. “This gives the Muuto designs great diversity and character and further links them to the Nordic heritage—a heritage Muuto is proud of and that all the designers carry with them as part of their professional luggage”, says Kristian.




"TAF’s aim is to make ordinary life less ordinary through subtle but effective changes in how products and architecture appear and function,” say Mattias Ståhlbom and Gabriella Gustafson. The designer duo founded the Stockholm-based TAF Architects studio to breathe new life into everyday—and ultimately necessary—tools for living.

With a range from lighting to furniture design to custom projects, TAF’s work has been exhibited at MoMA in New York and the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm. What unites the diverse offerings is a unifying and innovative approach to find the tipping point where, as they say, “everyday objects by their very commonness can be made uncommon.”