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Smokestack Outdoor Firepit
Frederik Roijé
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Frederik Roijé calls his Smokestack a "memory from the past" because its look is based on the industrial chimneys he would spot in Holland during his youth. But in his hands, this urban shape is re-purposed as a standout garden fireplace heater that stands at 6.5 feet tall to welcome one and all. The relatively light shell is fabricated in Corten steel, a metal developed during the 1930s in the U.S. purposefully created with a protective oxide film that yields strength while it weathers to a handsome coppery hue by the elements.
Or if you're in sunny Southern California as we are, do as Andy did with ours and hasten it along by a frequent spray from the garden hose. The ultimate in grownup campfires!

  • 20" w x 6.5' h (50x198cm)
  • Stainless Corten steel shell is intended to oxidize with the elements and time
  • Made in Holland
  • Simple assembly required.
  • Corten steel
  • Crated.
  • This item normally ships within 48 hours


“I am designer always searching for surprises and beauty,” says Dutchman Frederik Roijé. “In the urge to share these experiences, my concepts become products.” With his imaginative collections of furniture, lightning and accessories, Frederik reveals a sensibility that is ordered yet whimsical, from an architecturally elevated henhouse to an outdoor fireplace based on iconic smokestacks remembered from his youth. From his design studio in Amsterdam, his work has attracted worldwide acclaim and he continues to expand his reach with diverse products for global brands and also projects for private clients. Yet he most values the glimpses of his personality evident in each object that he puts his stamp on. “Products have a habit of disappearing because of their functionality, Frederik says. “I want to prevent this by giving products an additional value. This value is the story behind the product.”