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Cartesia Desk
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A drawer that can be accessed from 2 sides? Drawers move inward and outward in 2 directions in this stunning desk because of an ingenious mechanism created by Japanese house Colors. Blind spots in the back of the drawer are essentially eliminated. There is also a bijou side-drawer to store electric cables and a deeper one for documents or large files. The innovative design of this sophisticated desk is only rivaled by the master craftsmanship and materials that go into each one.

The traditional woodworking techniques that go into each desk are those developed over 400 years among the ship carpenters of what was then known as Awa on the Shikoku island off Japan. Known as Tokushima since the late 19th century, the city sits at the mouth of the Yoshino River. The precision mastery of ship building has lead to other areas, including furniture, as well as a reputation for producing some of the finest wood products in Japan.

  • 59" w x 27" d x 28" h (152x70x71cm)
  • Walnut and tamo wood
  • Branded box