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Colour Glass: Wine + Champagne Crystal Stemware Set of 2
Hay & Scholten & Baijings
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Red Wine-Gold Line [Set of 2]: $58
White Wine-Gold Lines [Set of 2]: $50
White Wine-Black Lines [Set of 2]: $50
Champagne-Gold Lines [Set of 2]: $50
$50 - $58
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This lead-free crystal wine and Champagne stemware stunningly showcases the graphic geometry and vivid color sensibilities that are signatures of Scholten & Baijings. Each glass is crafted with hand-applied gradient colors or pin stripes for an effect that has to be witnessed in person to fully appreciate. Fine lines of black or gold score the vessels for red, white and Champagne. (Another red wine glass with a neon pink block of color, as well as gradient tumblers and carafes also part of the Colour Collection, are equally gobsmacking and also available at A+R.)
The graphics are the result of modeling the glasses by hand. A transparent film is taped into the form of the glasses and the taped seams are then translated into black and gold lines on finished design. Circles and planes are another visual element that seem to be playfully drifting in and out of the liquid contents. Glasses should be hand washed using non-abrasive materials. Drink beautifully!
Real-life couple Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings dream up their Technicolor designs on life, on everything to tea towels and rugs to furniture and a Mini car, from their Amsterdam studio. They began collaborating in 2000, and have since become rock stars in the design world—and soul mates in sensibility with A+R. They created the Colour Collection for Hay Denmark.

  • Red wine: 8" h x 3.25" dia (20.1x8.4cm), 13.5 oz (40cl)
  • White wine: 7" h x 2.75" dia (18x6.8cm), 10 oz (30cl)
  • Champagne: 7.5" h x 2.25" d (18.9x5.5cm), 8.5 oz (25cl)
  • Glasses sold in sets of two.
  • Hand blown and decorated by hand
  • Made in Turkey
  • Hand wash with non-abrasive cleaning materials
  • Lead-free crystal
  • Branded box
  • This item normally ships within 48 hours.


“One of the most important things for our company is to make footprints of our own time,” says Rolf Hay, of his eponymous Copenhagen-based company launched in 2003 at the international furniture fair IMM Cologne.  His idea was to bring Danish design to a new creative peak that rivaled the storied 1950s and 1960s—but with a modern update. As creative director, he’s committed to nurturing young upstarts and also “exploring the twisted minds of established designers” and giving both a platform.

In practice, that means seeking out imaginative products and evaluating them on their own merits rather than first commissioning a design for certain type of item. And he says his greatest thrill is seeing a prototype for the first time. “We work in a different way to the way our parents did, but we basically live in the same way,” Rolf says. “The news is that there is nothing new, except the possibilities. And that’s great fun.”



“Stefan is really good at the big picture. I’m good at the details,” says Carole Baijings of her design partnership with Stefan Scholten, which grew out of the Dutch couple’s relationship. Though she is self-educated and Stefan studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, “as our lives came together, working together was a natural progression, ” Carole says.

Now, more than 10 years later, Scholten & Baijings’ light-filled studio overlooks Amsterdam’s harbor and their work, with its unusual color choices and layered gradations of tone, is instantly recognizable. Collaborating with a who’s who of illustrious contemporary brands worldwide, from Hay in Denmark to Karimoku New Standard in Japan, their product range includes textiles, glass and furniture. “We work more like artists,” Carole says. “We start with materials and colors and then try to create a shape or a design. It’s a different approach than starting with a word or a concept or an idea.”