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Minimalist Wallet + Card Case
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Blueprint - Blue Saffiano Leather: $85
Goldstandard - Gold Saffiano Leather: $85
Pinkribbon - Pink Saffiano Leather: $85
Blacktie - Black Saffiano Leather: $85
Greymatter - Grey Uncoated Leather: $85
Brownstone - Brown Nappa Leather: $70
Blackout - Black Nappa Leather: $70
$70 - $85
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The best in modern design leaves the end user unencumbered, while also being crafted to withstand, well, life. With a capacity to carry 6 (or slightly more) credit and ID cards, as well as hold bills folded in half, the slim leather Minimalist™ hits the mark as one of the best low-profile wallets we've ever come across (and Andy is always on the hunt). Designer Robert Sha fixated on all the features lacking in other wallets: the bulkiness of bi-folds and the under-designing of thin wallets; those with magnet or metal money clips require both hands to position cash; most required bills be folded more than once...and so on. "Most current wallets end up sacrificing purpose for the sake of being thin," he notes.

Capsule's CashStrap™ feature is designed not to stretch and can securely hold from 1 to 30 bills folded in half. "I suggest placing the bills with the edge down," says the designer, "but this is totally a preference thing. A trick for holding fewer bills is to wedge it into the crease where the strap meets the wallet." The strategically placed front pocket provides access to up to 2 frequently tapped cards, while the top pocket holds an additional 2 to 4 cards (it can accommodate a few more, too...though this being leather, it will, with time, stretch a bit). The pockets are lined to enable smooth storage of cards.

We love how Robert considered every nuance in use, and every detail down to the black packaging, perfect for gifting. He is also adamant about keeping the wallet's free of "crazy space-age fabrics and metals," opting for premium, full-grain leather, finished for a soft feel and lasting durability, as well as minimal yet reinforced stitching. The edges are sealed with a finish coating for added wear protection, durability and a seamless visual effect, and all edge paints and adhesives are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The wallets are made by a 35-year-old factory whose clients include many Italian luxury brands. Andy happened onto the Kickstarter campaign for Capsule in early 2013, and Robert has since become a regular at our A+R La Brea location as he operates Capsule from nearby Pasadena. With such attention and detail to style, we're looking forward to the evolution of this new brand.

  • 2.75" l x 3.75" w (7x9.5cm)
  • Front pocket holds 2 cards
  • Top pocket holds 2 to 4 cards
  • CashStrap™ securely holds 1 to 30 bills
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Edges sealed with finish coating for added wear protection
  • Made in accordance to European ISO 9001:2008, BCSI and GQS standards, including use of eco-friendly, non-toxic adhesives and edge paints
  • Blacktie, Blueprint, Pinkribbon, Goldstandard: premium textured Saffiano leather
  • Graymatter: soft, uncoated full-grain textured cowhide leather
  • Blackout, Brownstone: soft and consistent nappa cowhide leather
  • Branded envelope with tie closure
  • This item normally ships within 48 hours