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Sailing Ship Kite
Haptic Lab
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The ORIGINAL! Haptic Lab founder Emily Fischer spent 2 years of research and development to realize her beautiful dream of a ship that can soar with the wind through the blue...of the sky. We're thrilled to help her launch it out into the universe. Yes, these kites can fly (and do so best in a strong wind, on a beach or hilltop.) We also think they look spectacular inside suspended from the ceiling.
Each kite is handcrafted by a certified Fair Trade group, in collaboration with Balinese artisans exclusively for Haptic Lab. (There are some pirates out there, so don't fall for their knock-offs. Support Emily's dream and her ethical production practices.) The materials comprise of locally sourced bamboo and nylon. These kites evoke the birth of modern flying, when the Wright Brothers and Alexander Graham Bell used wood-framed kites in their quest for discovery and invention.
Each kite comes with Haptic Lab's signature Baltic birch kite handle, wrapped with braided Dacron flying line and made in New York City.

Emily Fischer and her small team of artisans practice a mandate out of their Brooklyn studio as elegant as these kites and the hand-stitched City Quilts (also on this site): "We seek to change the world of producing goods to bring about transparency, simplicity, sustainability and consciousness."

  • 26" w x 28" l (66x71cm)
  • Bamboo, nylon, birch
  • Branded box
  • This item normally ships within 48 hours.
  • Certified Fair Trade product


Haptic refers to the sense of touch, and everything I design is motivated by a deep understanding of that sense," says Brooklyn-based Emily Fischer, the founder of Haptic Lab design studio. Hence her signature handcrafted Sailing Ship Kite that was years in the making. “What fascinates me is that the haptic sense is the only sense mechanism that can be extended,” she continues. “Kites allow us to experience the sense of flying. When you hold the end of a kite line and the kite swoops and dives through the air, your body internalizes that motion.”

At the other end of the spectrum, Haptic Labs comes down to earth with a series of standout quilted map blankets that embody both Emily’s crafts-based aesthetic and her former practice as an architect. Uniting all is the studio’s unceasing regard for producing goods in an ethical and sustainable manner. And always, for her, evidence of the human touch: “I love the idiosyncratic beauty of handmade things.”