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Biegert & Funk's

QlockTwo Wristwatch

QlockTwo Wristwatch

A watch like no other, the Qlocktwo W gives the wearer an edge on time. A square grid of 110 letters, seemingly random in placement, spell the time, date or seconds, illuminated with a touch of a button. Like its award-winning clocks for tabletop and wall, this wristwatch takes “hands free” to another level.

Designers Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk of German brand Biegert & Funk have reinvented the notion of telling time with an innovative, artful way of broadcasting it. Qlock’s clever display “combines the moment with the written word and turns it into a statement,” notes Marco and Andrea of their critically acclaimed invention.

Precise time is displayed typographically, in a matrix of words and pinpoints sharply illuminated by LEDs. Hours and 5-minute increments are spelled out, and one of four pinpoints at the base of the face adds each additional minute. Seconds and calendar day can be displayed by pressing the button on the side of the face, which are shown as large numbers on the front matrix.

With its .94 inch-wide soft leather strap and 1.38-inch square face, the watch looks amazing on most any wrist, male or female (Rose has a small wrist and it looks as balanced on hers as it does on Andy’s strong wrist).

1.38" l x 1.38" w [35 x 35 mm]
Strap: .94" w [2.3cm w]
94 inch-wide soft leather strap and 1.38-inch square face
Also available by special order: German and French

Stainless steel case
Leather strap
Material: Stainless steel, glass, leather
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships in 48 hours.
Technical Info:
Replacement battery: CR2025 lithium 3 volt
Manufacturer recommendation: battery replacement by an experienced watch jeweler technician
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