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Bolt Stool/Side Table
La Chance & Note Design Studio
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Unexpected comfort in what amounts to 4 cylinders of solid wood bolted by a metal ring. The Bolt is so simple in its concept but getting the elements just right is no easy feat. Doubles as a stool or a side table.

Created by Note Design Studio, a Swedish collective of architects, graphic, interior and product designers that formed in 2008. The group's name refers "to note something" or "to get noted." The Bolt and Tembo (also at A+R) are part of Note's collaboration with La Chance.

Paris-based La Chance emphasizes furniture, lighting and rugs with a "strong personality" made from "noble, durable and natural materials" and all in "European human-size facilities."

La Chance is also entrepreneur Jean-Baptiste Souletie and architect Louise Breguetbeen, who got together in life and work because of, well, la chance! The French duo have lived in India and China; designed offices in London and built homes in Haiti; and have lent their know-how to established luxury companies and start-ups firms. We zeroed in on La Chance's colorful exhibition called Jekyll & Hyde, installed inside the railway hall of Milan's National Museum of Science and Technology at the 2012 Salone. They were part of Tom Dixon's MOST, a 5-building showcase of new generation design.

  • 16" h x 18" d (41x45cm)
  • Jekyll is matte black beechwood with a copper steel ring
  • Hyde is natural oiled beechwood with an orange lacquered steel ring
  • Beech wood, copper or steel
  • N/A
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The founders of La Chance, the Paris-based design house, have united talent from the bustling “new wave” of global design—10 designers hailing from 9 different countries—in a collection marked by contemporary French élan. And entrepreneur Jean-Baptiste Souletie and architect Louise Breguetbeen are partners in business and in life, as they say. Between the pair, they have lived in India and China, designed offices in London and built homes in Haiti, and lent their know-how to established luxury companies and emerging start-ups.

When the 20-something couple first met, they discovered they were both inspired by a love of the Art Deco movement, when objects were valued for function as well as their decorative attributes. That spirit imbues the modern sense of luxury and uncontrived manner of of their collection of furniture, lighting and rugs. “We like things to be warm, colorful, and good quality,” Louise says. “And in terms of style, you can see all the workings of the furniture, even the upholstered pieces, as we have nothing to hide.”



“To note something, to get noted.” That’s the epigram that the founders of Note Design Studio, a Stockholm-based collective, use to explain their vision. “We are named after what we try to achieve. We like to pay attention to our surroundings, and try to create things that make others do the same.”

Working within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and design strategy, the partners emphasize a tactile quality in both objects and architecture and embrace off-the-cuff inspiration—even doodles in the margins of their design notebooks. Alexis Holmqvist, Johannes Carlström, Susanna Wahlin, Kristoffer Fagerström and Cristiano Pigazzini bring an exuberance to their work that’s witty, irrepressible and, well, noteworthy.