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Hay & Clara von Zweigbergk's

Kaleido Trays

Kaleido Trays

Single or as a group, these metal trays look cool from any side. Geometric shapes are a source of inspiration for graphic designer-turned-product designer Clara von Zweigbergk. Case in point is her Themis Mobiles for Artecnica in L.A., which we also love and sell. The Stockholm native studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, as well as Beckmans School of Design in her native city. For Danish house Hay, Clara no doubt took pleasure in playing with color and shapes. Organize bits and bobs, or let them make their own statement by simply leaving them clutter-free. Not intended for food.

Can't decide which color and size configuration to go with? Be it for you or for a gift, just select from 1 of 4 groups we've put together for your convenience.

XL: 17.75" l x 15.25" w (45.1x38.7cm)
L: 15.25" l x 13.25" w (38.7x33.7cm)
M: 13.25" l x 7.5" w (33.7x19.1cm)
S: 8.5" l x 7.5" w (21.6x19.1cm)
XS: 7.5" l x 4.25" w (19.1x10.8cm)
These trays are not intended for food.
Care: Clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry.

NOTE: Order now to receive the following styles by mid-July:
XS Royal Blue, Olive, Light Amber, Dark Red, Dark Green, Black and White
S Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Black and White
M Grey
XL White, Grey

NOTE: Order now to receive the following styles by mid-August:
XS Peach
S Peach
M Peach, Dark Green
Material: Powder-coated steel
Packaging: Branded box
Shipping Info: This item normally ships in 48 hours.
Kaleido Tray OptionsPrice
X Small - Blue$14
X Small - Yellow$14
X Small - Orange$14
X Small - Red$14
X Small - Jade$14
X Small - Mint$14
X Small - Grey$14
X Small - Black$14
X Small - Dark Green$14
X Small - Dark Red$14
X Small - Light Amber$14
X Small - Olive Green$14
X Small - Peach$14
X Small - Royal Blue$14
Small - Black$25
Small - Yellow$25
Small - Red$25
Small - Apricot$25
Small - Mint$25
Small - Grey$25
Small - Aubergine$25
Small - Emerald Green$25
Small - Peach$25
Small - Royal Blue$25
Small - White$25
Small - Chocolate$25
Small - Chocolate$25
Small - Orange$25
Medium - Red$29
Medium - White$29
Medium - Jade$29
Medium - Grey$29
Medium - Dark Green$29
Medium - Peach$29
Medium - Chocolate$29
Large - Blue$45
Large - Grey$45
Large - Black$45
Large - Green$45
X Large - Grey$59
X Large - White$59
X Large - Jade$59