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Ashiato Animal Footprint Sandals
Magnet & Kiko+
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"Ashiato" means footprint in Japanese. In any language, kids can make their mark with these wildly fun sandals from Kiko+ founding designer Kaz Shiomi. The creative Kaz based her idea on the geta, a form of traditional Japanese footwear that is a cross between a clog and flip-flops. These wooden geta are fun for the beach or any dirt patch where kids can step out and be kids.

Kaz and pals founded Kiko+ in 2011 with a mission of creating toys that foster discovery and a great big smile. Their philiosophy is "art and play, play and children and children and the Forest." The boutique brand develops wooden toys for at children worldwide, with a sound environment and preserving forests in mind. In "ki" means wood and "ko" means "child." The "+" in the symbol is a sign of gratitude from Kaz and team to the people who have helped build Kiko+. We love a design studio that practices so much care and thoughtfulness.

  • XS: 3.12" w x 6.3" l [80 x 160 mm]
  • Medium: 4' w x 7.8" l [100 x 200 mm]
  • Made in Japan
  • Certified by European CE EN71 safety standard
  • Certified by ASTM International
  • FSC-certified wood from 100% sustainably managed forest resources
  • Pine wood, rubber
  • This item normally ships in 48 hours