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“Our toys are for anyone who has ever swooned over a satellite or marveled at a cargo ship,” is the creed of Papafoxtrot, the nascent “toy” company founded in 2011 and dedicated to “bringing modern marvels of infrastructure into your home.” That’s all Andy needed to read. A fan of models, for him it was love at first sight with these finely crafted hardwood ships. The guys behind Papafoxtrot no doubt know a thing or more about models designed for “kids” of voting age. London design provocateurs Martin Postler and Ian Ferguson of Postlerferguson are the dudes behind the paper AK-47 and other artillery. (These ships are much easier to assemble!) Longtime collaborator Hong Kong-based Herman Cheung of Adda manufacturing joined forces with Martin and Ian.
As for the grand tankers these cool objects are based on:
The largest ship on the sea at writing, the TI Asia is one of four ultra-large capacity supertankers built in the early 00's and carries 3 million barrels of oil.
The Arctic Princess carries enough energy to power 45,000 homes for a year in its 150,000 cubic meters of liquified natural gas; each of her spherical tanks is 42 meters in diameter and cooled to -163˚C.
The Emma Maersk is the longest container ship in the world at nearly 400 meters in length, and carries 11,000-plus containers from China to Europe every seven weeks, with stops in Africa and the Middle East on her way.

  • TI Asia: 3.125" h x 2.75" w x 15" l (8x7x38.1cm)
  • Arctic Princess: 2.75" h x 2" w x 11.5" l (7x5.1x29.2cm)
  • Painted hardwood and metal rods
  • Branded blue box
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  • Requires basic assembly. Does not involve glue or other tools