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Alarm Clock
Jasper Morrison & Punkt
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Among the most influential new generation designers, UK's Jasper Morrison teamed up with Swiss electronics upstart Punkt for this handsome alarm clock made of solid aluminum with a scratch-resistant crystal-clear face. it boasts a smart alarm switch to activate alarm, which is then displayed on the face; a clever snooze button; gently squeezing clock activates light ring; glow-in-the-dark hands and dial; long battery life (one for alarm and two dedicated to light ensures long life). The alarm sound is neither jarring nor annoying, which is why we've been loving our red one on our bedroom nightstand.

  • 3.5" w x 4.33" h x 1.37" d (9cm x 11cm x 3.5cm)
  • Lithium batteries included
  • Solid aluminum frame, quartz face
  • Branded sleeve and high-grade kraft box
  • Beautifully boxed for gifting
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“We do things in 3-D on computers these days,” says Jasper Morrison, reflecting on a 35-year career as a designer. “We are considerably more efficient and precise, and we are able to have much more control over the finished article.” This giant of British design has been responsible for  everything from alarm clocks to appliances, from telephones to trains (the Hannover Tram, the largest European light rail of its time.) Along the way, he’s collaborated with numerous brands including Alessi, Cappellini, Muji and Sony. Yet Jasper is unpretentious about his vast influence, honing in on a product’s function and even entitling his recent retrospective "Thingness," which, with typical perspective, he defines as "the quality that makes a thing good at what it does.”



“My designs are not about making something pretty, but about infusing things with meaning,” says technology entrepreneur Petter Neby of his Swiss company Punkt. Teaming up with acclaimed British designer Jasper Morrison, his goal was to create a new generation of electronic products with the elegant simplicity of vaunted names from the past. As Jasper says: “Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s motto ‘less is more’ and Dieter Rams’ ‘less is better’ capture what ought to underlie every design process. And this applies precisely to entertainment and home electronics.”

Punkt launched with its “new-classic” alarm clock, rapidly followed by its tabletop cordless phone, both marked by highly functional simplicity of design and a limited (and readily identifiable) color range. Both illustrate Petter’s take on modern life. “Today’s world is consumed with technology and I think we are too distracted by it in day-to-day life,” he says. “I founded Punkt. to offer a viable alternative to those feeling overwhelmed by the advanced technologies that have pervaded modern lifestyles.”