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Roam Walking Stick/Cane
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Pinot Red - Small: $75
Pinot Red - Medium: $75
Pinot Red - Large: $75
Reef Blue - Small: $75
Reef Blue - Medium: $75
Reef Blue - Large: $75
Ultra Violet - Small: $75
Ultra Violet - Medium: $75
Ultra Violet - Large: $75
Black - Small: $75
Black - Medium: $75
Black - Large: $75
Luxe - Small: $100
Luxe - Medium: $100
Luxe - Large: $100
$75 - $100
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Roam from Sabi more than lives up to its name. New York-based Danish designer Rie Nørregaard has reimagined the classic walking cane from the ground up, borrowing inspiration and materials from athletic gear. Roam’s ergonomically engineered handle is made from Baltic birch, the same lightweight and flexible wood used in skateboards. With a superior balance and grip, the handle delivers the reassuring sensory input of touching wood and is easy to clean, naturally hygienic and weathers beautifully.

The single-piece, non-adjustable shaft is made of the same high-strength aluminum seen in bicycle frames, with a similar powder-coated finish. And the cane's air-cushioned rubber-based tip is made from the material used in hiking boot soles—for smooth walking at any speed, and shock-absorbent stability on the most uneven surfaces. Rie’s section of bold Pantone colors for the Classic elevates this everyday implement to a cheery fashion statement. Or choose the Luxe in high-style black that’s so much more than basic.

  • Small: 31” h x 5.5" w x 1.25" d (78.7x14x3.2cm) (fits a person 4' 8" to 5' 4")
  • Medium: 34” h x 5.5" w x 1.25" d (86.4x14x3.2cm) (fits a person 5' 4" to 5' 9")
  • Large: 37” h x 5.5" w x 1.25" d (94x14x3.2cm) (fits a person 5' 9" to 6' 3")
  • Sizing is based on the statistics of the height of people 50 and older in the US. A physical therapist may suggest having a cane cut to a special size. According to research, users are most likely to choose a cane too tall for them. The makers recommend sizing down for people who are 5' 4" and 5' 9".
  • The cane is appropriate for a person up to 300 lbs
  • Luxe version features a hand-stained Baltic birch wood handle
  • Birch, rubber, light-weight aluminum
  • Branded box
  • This item normally ships within 48 hours


"To create products that infuse the tasks and rituals of daily life with a sense of delight, while also inspiring users to appreciate life's little moments.” That’s the guiding mantra at Sabi, founded by California entrepreneur Assaf Wand, to offer branded, ergonomic wares for a multi-generational clientele. Even the name is the Japanese term for beauty that comes with age.

Assaf aims to challenge outmoded conventions and uninspired lack of design in essential everyday products. With a disruptive stance borrowed from the tech sector, he first honed in on items like pillboxes and walking sticks for a baby boomer audience that is often underserved in a design-centric world. Now Sabi is looking farther afield. “We spent a lot of time creating a brand that isn’t associated just with age, but rather the best product we can give to people,” Assaf says. “Even though we started with boomers and their needs, our designs move us beyond, to a bigger audience.”