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Smally's Secret Alphabook
Blanca Apodaca
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Kids go mad for the sing-song story of Little Smally and her adventures with the alphabet. Smally sets out one day determined to find her pal Little Z. In a Technicolor urbanscape, Smally encounters all sorts of letter-shaped neighbors who aid in her quest. Suspense builds alphabetically as the ever-growing community of letters culminates in a musical, confetti-sprinkled party--where the mystery of Little Z is joyfully solved. This original, lyrical tale is written by artist-musician Blanca Apodaca, who also handpainted each page. Blanca's illustration credits extend to some 100 school-age educational books, as well as fashion work, and this is her first wholly written and illustrated children's book. Sure we're fans. But it's the small fries who experience this book who can't get enough of it. Check out iTunes, too, for her second album release, "Butterfly Core."

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