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Window-Mounted Birdfeeder
Pascal Charmolu & Born In Sweden
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Yep, this is as amazing as it looks. We came upon this bird feeder in Paris over the summer, and had to bring it to the U.S. Made by the new design house Born in Sweden, it's perfect for anywhere--but especially the urban garden (as in those mini balcony oases!). Mount the feeder to a windowpane via the innovative double-sided suction cup. The specially made bubble is of a recyclable plastic that can withstand extreme temps and UV rays. There's even a drainage hole at the base of the bowl. No reason to fear pigeons, since it's designed for small birds. And squirrels don't stand a chance since they can't exactly scamper up glass. Care is a snap, too: Every 3-4 months, disassemble and wash. It's even dishwasher-safe in the upper basket. Tweet, tweet, so begins your secret life as an ornithologist. Winner of 2009 DesignPlus Award.

  • 4.5" dia
  • Recyclable, UV-plastic bubble and metal
  • Branded packaging
  • This item normally ships in 48 hours.