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Fun Cafe Espresso 6 Piece Set
Vista Alegre
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We always prefer to wander off the beaten track, and at a show in Paris our side tracking turned us on to this "Fun Cafe" set. We love the modern twist on a classic form—and just with a pop of bright color. Note how the color isn't relegated to the cup either: It saturates the lower rim of the saucer, as well as inside the base where the rounded bottom of the cup sits. A graphic wink. Vista Alegre is among Portugal’s oldest glass and porcelain factories still in operation, but the heritage house continues to look forward. The finely cast cups make them a delight to drink from. Each set, available as presented here, in three colors times two, is boxed for gifting.

  • Cup 2.75" h x 1.75" dia
  • Saucer: 3.75" dia
  • Sold as a set of 6 as pictured here: 3 colors x 2
  • Branded box suitable for gifting
  • This item normally ships in 48 hours.