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About A Chair: AAC10
Hay & Hee Welling
Select an About A Chair
Mustard Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Mustard Shell + White Base: $480
Mustard Shell + Black Base: $480
Warm Red Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Warm Red Shell + White Base: $480
Warm Red Shell + Black Base: $480
Orange Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Orange Shell + White Base: $480
Orange Shell + Black Base: $480
Brick Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Brick Shell + White Base: $480
Brick Shell + Black Base: $480
Khaki Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Khaki Shell + White Base: $480
Khaki Shell + Black Base: $480
Pastel Green Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Pastel Green Shell + White Base: $480
Pastel Green Shell + Black Base: $480
Dusty Green Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Dusty Green Shell + White Base: $480
Dusty Green Shell + Black Base: $480
Green Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Green Shell + White Base: $480
Green Shell + Black Base: $480
Hunter Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Hunter Shell + White Base: $480
Hunter Shell + Black Base: $480
Dusty Blue Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Dusty Blue Shell + White Base: $480
Dusty Blue Shell + Black Base: $480
Concrete Grey Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Concrete Grey Shell + White Base: $480
Concrete Grey Shell + Black Base: $480
Grey Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Grey Shell + White Base: $480
Grey Shell + Black Base: $480
Soft Black Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Soft Black Shell + White Base: $480
Soft Black Shell + Black Base: $480
Black Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Black Shell + White Base: $480
Black Shell + Black Base: $480
Cream White Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
Cream White Shell + White Base: $480
Cream White Shell + Black Base: $480
White Shell + Stainless Steel Base: $480
White Shell + White Base: $480
White Shell + Black Base: $480
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At a dining or conference table or desk, this swivel based, armless version of the About A Chair Collection is poetic. "Conspicuous simplicity” is how Hee Welling characterizes the About A Chair series of well-priced, quality chairs that he designed for Hay Denmark. Add “versatility” to the list.

  • 30.25" h x 20" w x 20.5" d (77x51x52cm)
  • Seat: 18" h (46cm)
  • Also available with front upholstery only
  • Shell: polypropylene
  • 4 star swivel base: Powder coated or polished stainless steel
  • Branded box
  • No assembly required.


“One of the most important things for our company is to make footprints of our own time,” says Rolf Hay, of his eponymous Copenhagen-based company launched in 2003 at the international furniture fair IMM Cologne.  His idea was to bring Danish design to a new creative peak that rivaled the storied 1950s and 1960s—but with a modern update. As creative director, he’s committed to nurturing young upstarts and also “exploring the twisted minds of established designers” and giving both a platform.

In practice, that means seeking out imaginative products and evaluating them on their own merits rather than first commissioning a design for certain type of item. And he says his greatest thrill is seeing a prototype for the first time. “We work in a different way to the way our parents did, but we basically live in the same way,” Rolf says. “The news is that there is nothing new, except the possibilities. And that’s great fun.”



“My father was a cabinetmaker so, ever since I was a kid, I played around in his workshop creating different objects,” says youthful Copenhagen-based designer Hee Welling. “Besides that, I spent hours drawing, almost every day, so it has always been obvious for me that I wanted to do something creative.” That urge came to be tempered with an appreciation for the Scandinavian design tradition with its legacy of “the beauty of the simple objects, with a clean expression, functional use and logic details.“

After graduating from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he quickly established his namesake studio. An early collaboration with Denmark maker Hay resulted in his breakthrough Hee seating, an eco-friendly grouping made from easily recyclable materials in a modern but not overwhelmingly trendy design. Following up with his notable About A Chair series, also for Hay, he has also expanded to an international roster of clients while also teaching at the Danish Design School. His work has been exhibited at fairs in Cologne, London, New York, Milan, Singapore, Stockholm and Tokyo. Through it all, his vision remains highly focused: “Every day, I try to create simple and useful design.”