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Deskstructure Desk Organizer
Héctor Serrano & Seletti
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Get that desk in ship shape with these handsome sets inspired by a ship, a warehouse and a city. Pencils, clips and other bits and bobs have a place to live in these fine porcelain containers.

Whimsy drives so much of Héctor Serrano's work, from these desk organizers to his best-selling creature temporary hand tattoos. Héctor hails from Valencia, where he got his first degree at CEU design school and, the heart of the country's design revival now. So is London, where he has kept his studio since graduating from the Royal College of Art. Héctor's mischievous creativity has lead to products for Droog to a light installation at music fests. Deskstructure was made in collaboration with Italian design house Seletti

  • Ship: 13" w x 4.5" t x 2" d (33x6.5x11cm)
  • Warehouse: 13" l x 2.6 h 4.3" (33x6.5x11cm)
  • Porcelain
  • Branded box
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