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Rechargeable LED Lamp
AlessiLux & Foreverlamp
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Lumière Flame-Silver: $60
Abatjour: $60
Ricordo Paraffina: $70
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As new technologies revolutionize life, the humble light bulb has become a point of reinvention among a few bright minds in the design new wave.
Like the guys behind the Plumen, the trio behind the AlessiLux Portable Table Luminaire collection wanted to re-imagine the bulb as something that is no longer ugly or banal. So young guns Giovanni Anghini Alessi, Gabriele Chiave and Frederic Gooris came up with an LED collection in collaboration with Foreverlamp that boasts powerful rechargeable batteries and an elegant touch dimmer an makes the bulb the very star of the lamp.
Whether you go with the UFO or these lantern styles, these LEDs will light up the faces in a room. LED means C02 emissions are reduced by 80% compared to incandescent sources. It also lasts 25 times longer. Light touch to turn light on, more on and finally off.
These rechargeable lights are cordless and can be used anywhere. There's a 5-plus hour life at full light output; over 100 hours when dimmed. An early adopter at our La Brea store snapped up a couple of the Parrafina styles for a mood-setting alternative to candles on his dining table.
The Ricordo Paraffina, inspired by an oil lamp, was designed by Frederic Gooris.
The Lumière Flame takes its form from the first source of light both in terms of fire and the electric bulb and is by Giovanni Alessi Anghini & Gabriele Chiave.

  • Ricordo Paraffina: 6.69" h x 3.66" dia
  • Lumière Flame: 5.91" h x 4.13" dia
  • Abatjour:5.91" h x 4.13" dia
  • Touch dimmer
  • Cordless
  • Rechargeable (power supply included)
  • Plastic, metal
  • Branded clear plastic cylinder-shaped box
  • This item normally ships within 48 hours
  • UL Listed
  • 3 rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries inside
  • 4 hour life at full light output, over 100 hours when dimmed
  • LED Average Rated Life: 25,000 hours
  • LED Color Temperature: 2700K
  • CRI: >80
  • Light Output:
  • Flame: 350 lm
  • Parrafina: 250 lm