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Ida Linea Hildebrand


“I had no furniture design experience as such,” says Swedish-born rising star Ida Linea Hildebrand. But a mere few years ago, she returned home from work and told her husband that she resigned from her job as an interior designer. Dane Rasmus Hildebrand took the leap of faith with her and together they started Copenhagen-based Friends & Founders. Both studio and brand, the aesthetic is quietly minimal but with a rich use of materials dictated by Ida’s uniquely personal vision. As she says, “Surrounding yourself with original things that mean something to you creates authentic atmospheres.”

Friends & Founders has a strong focus on sustainability, with its European network of local manufacturers and belief in the Scandinavian reductionist tradition of less is more. And Ida is equally committed to innovation as she sees it: “I am unwilling to compromise when it comes to design and the realization of ideas. Playing with strong silhouettes has become an imporatant element in my work.”


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