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Jamie McLellan


“I do like to strip things away to the bare essence of a structure but it's once I'm at that stripped away point (that) I can't restrain myself." says designer Jamie McLellan, who divides his practice between New Zealand and New York. "I have to maximize something, find a detail and dial it up." It's a winning formula for Jamie, who runs a small-product and furniture design studio, based out of a boat shed, just minutes from downtown Auckland. His clients range from established brands to small, highly innovative start-ups—everything from lighting to luxury watercraft and furniture to woolen footwear.

Graduating with a degree in industrial design, Jamie worked for British design heavyweight Tom Dixon before striking out on his own. Having lived in Italy, Hong Kong, London and New York and worked in China and India, he has designed for manufacturers and consultancies in Australia, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Asia and the U.S. Such varied experience no doubt informs his stated design philosophy: “I do believe less is more, but to a point."